600Breezy Responds To Paul Joseph Watson’s ‘Black Lives Matter’ Critique

Conservative pundit Paul Joseph Watson recently made some controversial remarks after saying African American culture glorifies criminal behavior. He then used 600Breezy as an example to give credibility to his racial ideology.

600Breezy took to IG to respond to Watson’s remarks.

Breezo wrote, “And I thought I was ignorant B—- just because this my life and music don’t mean my entire culture glorify this lifestyle.. Do biting off heads of animals and heavy metal and the KKK represent your entire culture?? Coming from a street n—-… You sir… Are a piece of s— racist f**k.”

In Watson’s commentary, he featured a clip from 600Breezy’s “24 Bars” music video.

“If black lives matter, why have you allowed your entire culture to based off the glorification of criminal behavior,” Watson said. “If black lives matter, why do you idolize and exalt wannabe gangsters waving guns around. If black lives matter, why does your culture inform kids that getting into violent confrontations with cops is cool?”

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