Tekashi69 Caught Lackin During Minnesota Performance


There is reportedly a no-fly zone on Tekashi69 in Minneapolis, MN. The “Gummo” rapper had a tough time in the Midwest City this past weekend.

Tekashi had items thrown at him during a performance at a nightclub.

Other Footage surfaced on the net showing the Brooklyn rapper getting pressed outside by at least a dozen goons before gunfire erupts. Luckily, Tekashi made it to safety.

Tekashi took to social media following the incident to say he was good.


“Yo Tekashi, why they so mad at you? Cause you never gon get touched. Why n****s want me to get touched so badly. It will never happen. I told you n****s. They will never touch me, man. N****s can’t lay a finger on me, man.”


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