YBN Nahmir Has Fans Chant ‘Free Tay-K’ At Concert

#ybnnahmir has fans chant #freetayk at concert #therace #rubbinoffthepaint #tayk

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YBN Nahmir doesn’t want smoke with Tay-K. Nahmir decided to be the bigger man in his beef with the jailed rapper. The “Rubbin Off The Paint” rapper had fans chant “Free Tay-K” during a recent concert.

Tay-K dissed Nahmir during a recent call from jail, saying he’d never do a song with him.

“No, n***a that been tryna be like me bro,” Tay-K told a friend. “Bro, that s**t lame. That n***a tryna get clout off my name. I’ma keep this s**t like low key, but when I seem him, and he try to dap me up, then I’ma beat his a--.”

Nahmir has been accused of jacking Tay-K ever since his sudden rise to fame.

Who better? 🤔 #tayk #ybnnahmir #therace #rubbinoffthepaint

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