Lil Reese Embraces Cousin Rico Recklezz

It looks like Lil Reese and Rico Recklezz are on good terms. Reese and Rico recently had a friendly exchange on Twitter.

Rico messaged Reese, writing, “@LilReese300 u still my fav cousin.”

Reese replied, “@RICO_RECKLEZZ im jus playin shorty it all love.”

Rico ended the exchange, writing, “I kno u my boy.”

Rico ended the exchange, writing, “Cuz funny.”

In early August, Rico announced Reese is now his cousin by marriage.

“Y lil Reese jus got married in2 my family I jus seen da wedding pictures,” he wrote.

Rico went on to message Reese, writing, “bro you auntie married my cuzin Darren.”

Reese didn’t share the same enthusiasm. He responded, writing, “Fam get yo clown ass on I don’t care about that shit pussy.”

Hopefully, we’ll see a Rico Recklezz and Lil Reese collab one day. That’d be turnt.

But that may not happen given Rico dissed Reese in his “Hit Em Up (Remix).”

He raps, “First off, Reese a b***h, on JoJo it’s merched/He must be the Grim Reaper cause his music is dirt.”

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