‘Above The Rim’ Co-Star Marlon Wayans Says Tupac ‘Wasn’t A Gangster’

“A Haunted House” creator Marlon Wayans sat down with The Urban Daily to recount his memories of the late Tupac Shakur, whom he worked with in the urban drama “Above The Rim.”

What stood out to Wayans the most were the “Thug Life” rapper’s work ethic, marijuana habit and feminine characteristics.

Tupac, he said, “smoked more weed than they grow in all of California.”

“He literally smoked California,” he said.

Marlon said Pac was not only immersed into his role as “Birdie,” but also music, saying, “The man was a hard worker and he would go to the studio after work and come back with like seven songs and like ‘Yo, listen to this.’”

Wayans also revealed Pac was far from a gangster.

“Pac had these really soft hands,” he said. “I used to call him the Palmolive thug cuz his hands were so soft. I used to be like who you punching with these chick hands. You should be a Palmolive model. And he had these Snuffaluffagus eyelashes. Ol’ tough a-- thug with sweet a-- eyelashes.”

Check out Marlon Wayans’ “The Daily Urban” interview below

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