Adrien Broner Roasts Lil Durk

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Adrien Broner and Lil Durk are enjoying their time in Miami. Broner and Durk found time away from their sparring sessions and basketball games to clown around. Watch Broner clown Durk above.

#likdurk and #AdrienBroner play a game of #basketball ? #basketballislife #ballislife

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Lil Durk and Adrien Broner testing each other’s athletic abilities. Durk and Broner recently put their hopping skills to the test during a game of basketball. The basketball game follows their recent slap boxing match. Durk surprisingly won the slap boxing competition, but appeared to be no match on the court. Check out footage here.

Lil Durk possibly could’ve possibly become a champion boxer if the rap thing didn’t work out. Durk got into a slap boxing match with world-class boxer Adrien Broner.

Check out more footage of Durk and Broner boxing below:

#lildurk got hands????

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