Alpo Explains How He Caught Rich Porter Lackin

Alpo has been laying low since he got out of prison in 2015. He served his time in ADX Florence.

Alpo is accused of murdering Rich Porter in January 1990.

Alpo is now telling his side of story in a new documentary titled “Alpo: The Documentary.”

Alpo said he had his hitman Gary shoot Rich after lying to him about where he got his work.

Alpo was portrayed as Rico by Cam’ron in the urban classic flick “Paid In Full.” Alpo, along with Azie “AZ” Faison and Rich Porter,” ran a million-dollar drug empire in Harlem in the 80s.

Alpo was arrested on Nov. 6, 1991 and hit with various drug charges that included murder and conspiracy to commit murder. Alpo couldn’t handle a life sentence or the possibility of a death sentence and later turned informant.

Don Diva reports Alpo’s biggest betrayal was snitching on his shooter Wayne “Silk” Perry. Perry was reportedly sentenced to five consecutive life sentences without parole to serve his time in federal prison. Alpo, for his cooperation, was sentenced to 35 years in prison- under federal witness protection.

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    Tf man lil Gary from DC did it

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