Ayoo KD Ends Beef With Bobby Shmurda

Almost a year went by since Ayoo KD released his viral “Hot N*gga (Remix) diss record aimed at Bobby Shmurda. He would later release second diss aimed at the Brooklyn rapper titled “Bobby Shmurda Diss Part 2.”

Ayoo KD has now called an end to his beef with Bobby. The South Side Chicago announced the beef was over during an interview with ZackTV1.

“I ain’t even beefing with no motherf*cking Bobby Shmurda no more,” KD said. “I was though. He was copying Chicago swag.


KD and Donyaee appeared in an A-1 Promotion interview to set the record straight on the reasoning behind the diss.

“It started on the Internet,” Donyaee said. “It’s a little thing that’s real popular called ‘Bring That Ass Here.’ It’s a joke. They took it farther than that. Some n-ggas from GS9 in my inbox talking about f-ck Chicago, we dirty, all types of sh-t.

“I ain’t never been no hating as n-gga,” he continued. “You doing yo thang, do yo thang. I don’t give a f-ck if you a opp. …I’ll give you your props as a man, first. But when it come to f-ck Ch-cago n-ggas, f-ck my city, GS9 …I am GS9K. I do not play that sh-t.”

KD said he thought Bobby Shmurda was from Chicago after viewing his “Hot N-gga” music video.

“I found out his ass wasn’t even from Ch-cago stealing out swag. That sh-t crazy,” he said.

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