Ayoo KD and Famous Dex Reunite In Chicago

It’s common for friends to fight and make up. Last week, Ayoo KD and Famous Dex got into a nasty social media beef after KD claimed Dex forgot about him.

Dex made his way to Chicago this past weekend and buried the hatchet with KD.

Dex posted a photo onto Twitter of himself with KD, writing, “Love u Bro @AyooKd Keep Working U Uh great Father an RoleModle To Your Fanz Ima Always Be Yo Bro 10Year.”

KD posted the same photo on his Facebook account, writing, “Ain’t no beef. We understand where each other coming from. Blood thicker than water. My 10 year brother.”

Last week, all hell broke loose after KD took to Facebook get some things off of his chest regarding his friendship with Famous Dex. KD talked being hurt that his day-one protégé forgot about him and Reggie Baybee, alleging the “Heartbreak Kid” unfollowed him on social media and changed his number:

“Ion wish SHIT bad on dex but idgnf what nobody say me and Reggie always had shorty back we damn ner live together stayed at my crib all us it was always us three talking bout when we make it we gone put eachother on we talked bout this shit damn near everyday man we was close its crazy how shit change never thought he would forget about us he look at us like he don’t even know us no more but I still comment on his shit share his shit because I’m glad he made it in Ima real nigga if he fall off right now today he still got a place to stay I’ll never change still the same humble nigga I’m going crazy my self fame going crazy I’ll meet you at the top my boy tired of mfs study saying what happen to us shit change as you can see then he unfollow all us on twitter/Instagram In change his number man we suppose to be blood.”

Dex learned about KD’s post and responded via Twitter.

“I always was on my sh*t… God just blessing me with way more.’

“They seeing u doing good they wanna write uh book about you

“God don’t like ugly

“N***a all that sneak dissing u was doing

“Ayoo KD all on Facebook in his feelings,” he wrote.

KD was upset with Dex’s tweets about him being in his feelings and sneak dissing.

“Boa you talk bout in my feelings boa yo ass bogish pidddd but you still good this way see how mfs is [100]

“In sneak dissin sneak dissin on who bro lets be real n***a I know erthing bout you n***a you called me blood switch.”

Though Dex and KD’s initial back-and-forth was heated, it later cooled.

Dex went on to invite Ayoo KD out to Los Angeles to hang with him. He also reminisced on a throwback photo KD shared.

Check out Famous Dex and Ayoo KD’s back-and-forth in full below.

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