Prince Eazy: Young Pappy, Tupac, Biggie and Big L Are My Top 5 Dead Rappers

Prince Eazy is a great lyricist, arguably one of the best Chicago has to offer. Eazy has studied the art since the age of 12, so he knows a great artist when he sees one. Eazy sat down with Kollege Kidd for an exclusive interview to reveal his top five dead artists of all time.

“Big L, lyrical beast,” Eazy said before spitting a rhyme from the legendary Harlem wordsmith’s famous radio interview. “‘Before I buck lead, made a lot of bloodshed, turn your tux red, ask Beavis, I don’t get nothing but head.’ Bars! Going crazy way back. Him [Big L], Biggie, Pac… gotta say Pappy. Pappy a dog. He was ahead of his time. I like Pappy. I don’t really wanna drop the fifth person. It’s a lot more. A lot of people left before their time. R.I.P. Smylez.”

Eazy said Pappy deserves a spot amongst the greats.

“If Pappy was still alive today, and he still had that hunger going crazy, that drive, that tunnel vision like I got, then hell yeah,” Eazy said. “Chicago make legends – R. Kelly. Jordan wasn’t on a crumb until he came to the Bulls. That’s when the legacy started.”

Eazy said his favorite Pappy record is “Shorty With The .40.”

“My favorite joint when he told that story. Like Pappy got a story out here, go crazy – ‘Shorty With The 40.’ That s**t lit,” Eazy said. “When I heard that. It was locked in my, I’ma work with him. What’s crazy and sad, I heard that a couple months before he passed. So I didn’t even get a chance to reach out to him.”

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