Chiraq Rapper Yung Trell aka Trello Shot and Killed In South Side Chicago

Chicago rapper Yung Trell, born Dontrell Robinson, was shot to death Wednesday at a home in South Side Chicago, the Chicago Sun-Times reports.

The 22-year-old artist was reportedly found dead with multiple gunshot wounds to his body.

At age 14, Trell made an appearance in Noisey Vice’s documentary in episode two “Keef in NYC/Chiraq’s New Kids.”

Trell revealed he first began recording his music at studio just three months prior to the Noisey documentary.

“Some people might get the wrong impression on me just because the way I rap,” he said. “I’m not saying go do all that on what I’m rapping about, that how I am. I’m just saying that’s how it really is out here.

Yung Trell, who later changed his name to Trello, recorded many songs prior to his demise, including, “Queen Endia,” “Southside S**t,” “Better Duck,” “In My Glory,” “Trappin & Rappin” “Forever,” “Options,” “On The Deuce” and “052,” to name a few.

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