Chicago Rapper Doublenn Drops ‘Thenn & Now” Music Video

Chicago rapper Doublenn is feeling like Mike Jones. Back then, they didn’t want him. Now that he got a bag, they all on him.

But with obtaining the bag comes haters.

“Back then, they used to laugh/Now I’m doing exactly what I said that make n****s mad,” Doublenn says.

The Chicago rapper is on trial in his latest music video, but as Doublenn sees it, he’ll only plead guilty if he’s charged with being a real n***a.

In the C-Good-produced single, Doublenn raps, “Don’t need a judge or jury because I’m guilty of being a real n***a/Treat us like we slaves in the system, how they deal with us/Stop the snitching, how the f**k you telling, I don’t feel n****s/Keep my heat, I stay off the diesel, I Shaquille n****s.”

Doublenn ultimately prevails as he beats his case due to witnesses refusing to testify, and the jury finding him not guilty.

Check out this Young Will and Seventh Kevinn-directed music video above.

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