BabyCeo Says Free Friend Accused Of Shooting Pregnant Woman and Killing Unborn Baby


BabyCeo made perhaps his most cringe-worthy post on social media a few days ago. The young Memphis rapper called for the freedom of a friend who is accused of killing an unborn baby after shooting a pregnant woman.

Lazerrick Pruitt, 20, was charged with first-degree murder and attempted first-degree murder after shooting a woman who was carrying his child in the stomach in July 2015. The shooting left the woman, who was nine months pregnant at the time, in critical condition. Her baby died.

Pruitt was on the run for more than a year before he was arrested.

BabyCeo wants his friend released from jail regardless of the heinous crime he’s accused of.

“Free My Brother Lil Z #RealNigga Countin U Down Neva Countin U out,” Baby wrote on Twitter.

BabyCeo soon caught a bit of criticism for supporting his friend.

@Taytheboss_ messaged Baby, writing, “You serious? This man killed an innocent baby and you wanna free him.”

Baby replied, writing, “N****s get shot everyday.”

He added, “[I don’t give a f**k] if he killed his baby or not dats my n****a, so Im yellin free him b***h Im ridin wit my n****s right or wrong.”

@HILXCI_ messaged Baby, writing, “your ‘n***a’ killed an unborn baby. He can stay where he’s at.”

Baby replied, writing, “Dat baby neva put no money in on da weed either but my n***a did so free.”

@TrevTheGreat_ messaged Baby, writing, “Even if he rob yo grandma, it’s still free him?”

Baby replied, writing, “Naw den it’s jst gon b rip my n***a instead of free my n***a.”

Baby was unapologetic with his feelings:

“If one my n*****s get [locked] up I’m still gon say free him s**t idgaf if he rob n kill a old lady or rape a b***h its still free my n***a.

“Fck whoeva feel sum type of way bout wat I sed cause I [aint] finna apologize 4 s**t #FreeLilZB*tch.”

Check out fan reaction below:

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