Mixtape Review: BallOut- ‘Welcome To BallOut World’

BallOut is inviting fans into his world in his latest mixtape project. What’s in BallOut’s world, you ask? Well, to sum it up, the Glo Gang rapper is a connoisseur of drugs, women and money.

BallOut’s World is only for those 18 and up. Kids should definitely turn away.

BallOut is a self-professed drug addict. He and Capo are off the s---- in “Drugz.” Ball’s drugs of choice are Lean and Xanax.

When Ball isn’t off the dope, he is getting a “Check.” According to Ball, he’s cashed a couple checks.

But Ball doesn’t eat at the table alone. Tadoe is, too, on the money chase, rapping, “Boy, you ain’t flexing, that’s a little check/100 racks on the floor, just to look at/I spend it n-gga, get it right back/My trap booming, in an out, yeah it’s like that.”

Ball loves his Mary Jane. He loves her so much, he dedicates to songs in her name, including, “Cali Weed” and “Free Weed.”

Ball spends much of his time in a California weed shop as can be seen in his “Free Weed” music video.

BallOut is with the s---- in “I’m So Wit It,” rapping, “I’m so with it, catch me with it/I don’t play you bet not forget this/Rollin swishas, you might wonder she’s gon get it when she find it/Or I’ma eject her, smoking dope, she drinking Remi.”

Ball doesn’t discriminate. He loves his women from all ethnic backgrounds. Ball keeps women that look like Miley, Iggy and Pinky.

BallOut is so Glo Gang, he got the tats to prove it. Ball professes his loyalty to his clique in “I’m Cover In Glo.”

Sosa lent his talents on Ball’s songs “Flexin” and “Welcome 2 BallOut World.”

In Flexin, Ball raps, “Big Glo, boss sh-t sh-t, you know what I’m talking bout/flexin on n-ggas and they b-tches/Pulling out my foreign and we getting it/Pullin off with they b-tches.”

Tadoe is also featured in this track, rapping, “Blood gang pull up red beamer/B-tch ain’t never seen her/She think she bad, but my b-tch meaner/She like my swag and my demeanor.”

Chief Keef finishes this track, rapping, “Dirty Sprite, that’s that dirty citrus/Flexin on these n-ggas/I’m in LA at LA Fitness/What I’m doing b-tch, I’m tryna get some b-tches/Walked up in the bank just to get my riches.”

The best way to describe this project is Ball trying to tell a story while under the influence. If you’re up for the risk (and 18 plus), take a tour of BallOut’s World below.

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