Bandman Kevo Drops ‘All Foreign’ Remix Featuring Soulja Boy

Bandman Kevo is an up and coming MC who hails from the Chi.

Kevo solidified himself as an artist to watch after dropping his viral hit J Neal The Great-produced track “All Foreign.”

The song was so popular, Kevo found it only right to record a remix. The guest feature for the track included SODMG frontman Soulja Boy.

Kevo even secured rising videographer DGainz to film the visual.

Kevo’s song grew popular due to its catchy sound.

In “All Foreign,” Kevo raps, “All my broads is all foreign/All my cars is all foreign/Couldn’t leave without insurance/Got a closet all joy/I got Louie, I got Gucci, I got clothes that’s all foreign/ I aint signing, I be touring/Take it back to where I’m going.”

Soulja Boy follows Kevo, rapping, “I be rockin Ralph Lauren/Everything I ride foreign/Pull up to the club and the money just foreign/Fly so high in the sky just soaring/SOD money gang a mil, I’m touring/Everybody know/Keep it on the low/Keep a couple hitters with me and they gon blow/SOD and hitters with me at yo front door.”

Head over to iTunes to download song by clicking here.

Check out Bandman Kevo’s ‘All Foreign’ Remix Featuring Soulja Boy

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