Bekoe Releases ‘Work’ Music Video Featuring MoneyDudeTazo & Tink

It’s no days off for rising Windy City rapper Bekoe.

The West Side Chicago native is working for a check, so he can flex like a boss.

Bekoe secured some of the city’s top lyricists for his new single “Work.”

Bekoe also obtained the production assistance of A Zae Productions for the song’s visual.

Bekoe anchors the track, rapping, “Working all year round, even the holidays ni**a/See I manage myself cause I can’t trust no ni**a/When they cut me a check, I’ll be a self made ni**a/F*ck slaving for that money, these ni**as out here on dummy.”

MoneyDudTazo follows, rapping, “See I grind hard and they say bands a make her dance, that’s when the twerking start/I throw my hands and take my chance and worry about my b*tch tomorrow/I;m in these streets I’m such a beast, yeah I swear to God.”

Tink ends the track sharing Bekoe’s grind mentality, rapping, “I’m working Monday through Sunday, I’ll take a break when I’m gone/If you ain’t tryna get money, I’ll take a break when I’m gone/If you ain’t tryna get money, ni**a we won’t get along/I need a cape on my shoulders cause I been flying through mula/Don’t interfere with my paper cause bullets fly like medulla.”

Check out Bekoe’s “Work” music video featuring MoneyDudeTazo and Tink

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