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Billionaire Black & Kid Smoke Release ‘Smoke’ Music Video

Billionaire Black and Kid Smoke have linked once again for new music.

The duo linked for the newly released music video “Smoke,” shot by One Trey.

Billionaire sets off the track, rapping, “You want smoke, get smoked/Pull up in that black phantom, I’m a opera/You ni**as b*tch made and yall peon/Low key, yall f*cking with the coppers/Die Y, die Ls, die beef for you oppers/I drop a band off in the mall, every time we go and shopping.”

Kid Smoke follows, rapping, “Smoking on that grade A, so you know I’m most high/Whipping foreigns til I die/After that I’ma ghost ride/No lie, act crazy/Then I’m at your neck like a bow tie/I smoke fire to the face, my throat to 4-5 in this place okay/It’s go time, you got no lines/Your raps are unfulfilling/Every time I spit, I blow mine.”

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