Blac Youngsta Calls Young Dolph A Snitch

#BlacYoungsta Calls #YoungDolph A Rat ???? #snitch #rat #100shots #memphis

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Blac Youngsta is making some serious allegations against rap nemesis Young Dolph. Youngsta was arrested two weeks ago for allegedly firing 100 rounds into Dolph’s bulletproof truck during the CIAA tournament.

Youngsta took to IG to post a meme of Dolph’s head photoshopped onto a police officer’s body.

Youngsta titled his image, “P***y Rat Entertainment.”

On Sunday, Dolph decided to have fun at Blac Youngsta’s expense for renting a vehicle in his name to carry out the crime.

“Aye, I just rented this motherf*****g van in my name, right. I’m finna go dump on a n***a a--,” Dolph said, laughing. “We finna jump out six deep, n***a. One hundred shots, f**k n***a.

“Aye, if we get caught, I know one of y’all n****s snitched,” Dolph continued. “Even though the motherf****r in my name, and I’m dumb a-- a motherf****r.”

#youngdolph ?rents van and trolls his opps: 'how you miss 100 shots!' #itsdolph

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Youngsta was arrested on felony weapon charges. He is being charged with four counts of discharging a firearm into occupied property.

Youngsta proclaimed his innocence during a short interview with Channel 9 when turning himself in.

“I’m innocent,” he said. “I ain’t fire nothing. I don’t know nothing. I ain’t see nothing. I ain’t do nothing.”

#blacyoungsta says he's innocent #cmg

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Youngsta turned himself in after police found a van Youngsta rented riddled with bullet holes. Youngsta told authorities the van was stolen from him.

Youngsta was booked into Mecklenburg County Jail. He has since been released after posting bail.

“It’s obviously someone ratting,” Youngsta said. “Somebody snitching.”

Dolph walked away from the shooting unharmed, and even performed alongside Young Thug at a nightclub later that night.

#blacyoungsta arrested on weapon charges ? #freeblacyoungsta

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Two other men were also arrested in the shooting, TMZ reports.

Youngsta posted cryptic tweets that may or not have been related to his arrest.

“Growing up I always was a firm believer in God, and I still am… I never knew that busta a-- Devil existed… but I see it now

“But it’s cool, I know God got my back… and he gone guide me through this situation,” he wrote.

#blacyoungsta tweeted he was going through a situation days ago

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Young Dolph chose to plead the fifth on the shooting incident.

Dolph was asked his thoughts on the incident during a sit-down interview with Raq Rants.

Dolph said he was nowhere near the crime scene. It was, in fact, his brother Dolph Obama who was shot at.

“That wasn’t my car. That wasn’t me. That was my brother,” he said. “I’m Dolph Gabbana. That’s Dolph Obama. Whatever what was going on, they couldn’t do it.”

Dolph said Dolph Obama got haters because he’s doing well.

“He in this real good high position and this good place where he at in his career,” Dolph said. “He black, he self-made, he became a millionaire, he from the hood, he got something going on. He got a campaign of people in the streets who elected back in the day.”

Dolph said Dolph Obama is ready for war. Dolph reveals his bulletproof truck cost $300,000, and took about four months to build. Dolph says Dolph Obama owns two bulletproof vehicles.

Dolph went on to talk about his issued with Yo Gotti.

“I ain’t got no beef. I ain’t never had no beef,” he said “…I just know it’s a lot of hating going on. I know it’s whole lot of money counting going on. Whole lot of hatred. Whole lot of envy going on. Whole lot of jealousy going on.”

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