CNN Analyst Roland Martin Blasts The Baltimore Sun’s TV Critic David Zurawik

A journalist showdown took place Tuesday morning after CNN/TVOne analyst Roland Martin went on the offensive following negative comments made by The Baltimore Sun’s TV Critic David Zurawik in a column regarding the “Baltimore Blogger.”

No stranger to critiquing Martin, Zurawik again found issue with the 44-year-old political analyst after he tweeted Baltimore Blogger Frank James MacArthur during a “delicate point in the negotiations” with Baltimore Police.

According to Zurawik, MacArthur, 47, would have surrendered sooner if not for Martin. Zurawik took his insults further by downplaying Martin’s credibility as a journalist.

“I don’t consider Martin a journalist,” he wrote. “But he rubs shoulders with journalists onscreen in his job at CNN.”

Martin shot back at Zurawik via Twitter calling The Baltimore Sun veteran an “idiot,” in addition to questioning his literacy skills.

Martin ran down a list of his journalism accomplishments writing that he has “been doing this for 30 years.”

“I guess people at the Baltimore Sun are only journalists,” he wrote. “I’ve won more than 30 JOURNALISM awards in my career, David.

“I’ve run three newspapers, David,” Martin continued. “Do you not consider Black newspapers to be credible?”

As a veteran journalist, Martin found it distasteful for Zurawik to “dismiss 22 years of hard work” he has dedicated to the field of journalism.

“@davidzurawik Stop being an idiot and having the audacity and unmitigated gall to question my journalistic credentials,” he wrote.

Zurawik has yet to respond to Martin.

Follow Roland Martin on Twitter at @rolandsmartin.

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