Bobby Shmurda Compares Himself To Crack Dealing ‘Shorty’ From ‘Belly’

Everyone who has seen the 1998 classic urban drama film “Belly” remembers the shocking character “Shorty.” Shorty wasn’t yet a teenager, but was out there. He was selling drugs, wearing a bulletproof vest, smoking marijuana, toting a gun and not afraid to use it

Nas memorably imparts wisdom upon the youth in a powerful scene.

Fast-forward 15 years since this film’s release and 20-year-old Bobby Shmurda comes onto the scene. The Brooklyn native shares many characteristics with Shorty.

In Bobby’s “Hot N*gga,” he raps, “I been selling crack since the fifth grade.”

The similarities between Bobby and Shorty were explained in a meme, reading, “That moment you realize Bobby Shmurda was really selling crack since the 5th grade!”

Bobby reposted this meme onto his IG account with a caption, reading, “dat dead was me in 06.”

The East Flatbush native went in detail on his crack dealing days during an interview with Village Voice.

“…I was never chilling with kids my age,” the 20-year-old Brooklynite said. “I was chilling with older kids. In school, I was always bad. I was either in the suspension room or with the deans and them and they was talking to me all day. I was one of those kids. When I leave school, I was hanging with the older dudes. I was hardheaded. A lot of people tried to tell me to stay out of it, but I wanted to do it myself. It was fun money. Like, I could go buy $100 of weed, shoes, without asking nobody.”

Shmurda said catching a charge was a wake-up call for him. Bobby, a newly signed Epic Records artist, focuses on music as his main hustle.

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