Boosie Upset With Gay Kissing Scene In Disney’s ‘Star vs. the Forces of Evil’

#boosie upset with sexual content in children's cartoons. Thoughts ?

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The Walt Disney Company shocked many viewers after showing two gay males kiss in an animated children’s program this week. The scene occurred in Disney’s “Star vs. the Forces of Evil.”

Boosie posted a screenshot of the kissing scene onto his IG, writing, “This is why I don’t want my kids watching these f*****g cartoons smh.”

Boosie has been against the promotion of sexual content featuring homosexuals since his exit from prison.

Boosie previously posted a screenshot from a VH1 show onto his IG, writing, “Since I’ve came home ever time I turn on the Tv some gay sh*t on I try to watch love n hip hop (gay sh*t)tried to watch empire (gay sh*t) walked n on a cartoon doing gay sh*t a f****n cartoon kids watch tv I guess next they go have a f*****g gay channel for kids saying if U want to be gay watch this tune n smh f****d up world n my eyes (but everybody don’t agree smh)”

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