BossTop Says Him And Chief Keef Have No Beef: ‘He Still My Little Brother’

Did BossTop and Chief Keef call a truce? According to BossTop, this may indeed be true.

BossTop announced him and Sosa were no longing beefing in Prince Dre and JB Bin Laden’s “Blood Brothaz” vlog part four.

“Me and Sosa ain’t got no motherf-cking beef,” he said. “Yall tweaking. He still my little brother at the end of the day. Get off our d-ck.”

BossTop would go on to proclaim he wasn’t robbed of Sosa’s coveted diamond-studded Johnny Dang chain.

“Ain’t never been robbed,” he said. “Nobody ain’t never snatch nothing. Motherf-cker better go get my resume, boy…cause I ain’t gotta bring it to you. Ask your daddy about me. I probably done ran his a-- out the streets.”

BossTop previously addressed the chain controversy in “Blood Brothaz” part three vlog.

“For the record, nobody never took my motherf-cking chain. I cashed out for that,” he said. “And for the f-ck n-ggas talking about I broke in your crib…Herb was there, Reese was there, Cap was there, Sosa was there, Tadoe was there… do I gotta f-cking keep going?”

Rumors circulated around social media that Top’s chain was stolen from him. FBG affiliate Dex filmed himself in traffic wearing the chain.

Top would later respond to rumors in IG posts.

“Rob Who I’ll Clap U Up Now Dats A Easy Kil

“Robbed How #N*ggaRobMeHeGneHave2ShootMe,” the captions on his posts read.

Dex also cleared the air regarding the chain.

“Everybody keep on asking me about a chain,” he said. “No, I did not take that man chain.”

In November, BossTop admitted to robbing Sosa of his coveted diamond-studded Johnny Dang chain.

“Why you saying I broke in yo house,” he said in a recent IG post. “I never did a burglary. What the f-ck is wrong with you. I never stole no clothes, no baby clothes none of that. Never stole yo chain. No, Boss T snatched yo chain off yo neck, little b-tch!”

Top later stunted with Sosa’s icy chain while turning up to the Glo Gang frontman’s song “Faneto.”

“I got all my jewelry on #Faneto,” the caption on his post read.

Sosa took to social media in July to accuse his former O’Block protégé of stealing his jewelry.

Sosa posted images of the alleged items Top stole, which included a Glory Boyz pendant and chain, a diamond-encrusted watch and necklace.

“Old sh-t Tyree Davis Stole. I was at court BossTyree A-- done broke in my house and stole my jewels.

“Tyree Davis stole This 2! Dirty a-- Boyz strectch wat?” the caption on the posts read.

Top wasn’t too pleased with Sosa referring to him by his government name and denied the Glo Gang frontman’s allegations in a fiery rant:

“@ChiefKeef Put that on big Keith or Kay Kay I stole anything stop flexing police a-- b-tch I bet u can’t merch on his hype a-- I stole dat

“@ChiefKeef on bd yo a-- the police on Odee I nvr broke in ur crib on jmoney on Pluto boa u a h-- come back u might not live to see toma

“@ChiefKeef on bd saying my government police a-- sh-t u mad over that fake a-- TV Johnny come get it back I ain’t steal dat Nlmb was dere

“@ChiefKeef dey know I ain’t steal dat b-tch u a f-ckin glame put dat on yo uncle dope Fein a-- grave

“@ChiefKeef You a-- ain’t Neva did sh-t for Da block b-tch u kno who broke in yo crib u fake ona guys ion steal boa I jus take off Mfs neck

“@ChiefKeef & YO next show I’ll be there n if anybody from out yo entourage up here I bet dey a-- get beat up bad on WSHH

“All Y’all A-- Police in Gbe GLO Gang Snitch a-- N-ggas Names in Papers I’m Leaking The Papers To 1 Of These Big Blog Sites F-cking Cops

“These Rap N-ggas Telling Names,” Top’s messages read.

Sosa previously accused O’Block friends of stealing his clothes and even his daughter’s apparel.

“I already know how y’all play Duhhhhhhhhhh. Dumb asses I know y’all!

“I ain’t nothing like dese n-ggas But we look alike. Way higher form & fashion & I’m loyal I was Givin lil dirty folks nem clothes!

“And money I’m talking. 100’z 100’z 100’z get them one up out here!

“Folkz they stole Kaykay clothes out her Room. Detergent, deodorant and all On Bloods! They Stretched that sh-t aiight!

“Monclers, earrings, robins, Trues, Gucci bags, Pelles, Louis Vuitton coats, I can go on and on! But when I found out I bought it again.$$$$$,” he wrote.

BossTop and Sosa have been going back and forth for the past few months.

Top raised eyebrows in late June after proclaiming himself “Chief Of Da O” and changing his name to “Chief BossTop.”

“Chief Top Im Boss Top Nomo N-ggas Got Chief Took Frn Em #ChiefTop,” he wrote.

Top’s antics then drew a response from Sosa himself.

“My Ex Adopted Son Top Need To Stop Talkin To His Pops Like That!

“I clothed u B put money in ur lint ball pockets!

“I tried to Glo u up See it worked u don’t look dirty nomo!” he wrote.

Top then shot back with more fiery messages and accusations.

“Jump In the Water I Bet He Won’t

“I f-cked his mom so he more like my son soft a-- butt

“On Odee & Jmoney N-ggas Betta Be Ready To Get They A-- Beat If We Bump Heads,” he wrote.

Top went on to retweet 300 member OJ who quoted a line from Lil Durk’s “O To 300” freestyle.

“Heard Some Rappers Round My Got Dey Chain Snatch tryna Pay My N-gga @BossTop064 #OBlock300,” the message read.

Top then posted a photo of himself wearing Sosa’s chain.

“S/o @tvjohhny #GBMG AGAINST WHOEVER,” his caption read.

Capo soon inserted himself into the social media fracas, screenshotting a threatening IG post made by Top against Glo Gang.


Despite Chief Keef’s differences with Top, he let it be known he is still O’Block.

“I would say f-ck Odee, but that’s my boy,” Sosa said.

It was in late March when Top and Sosa first sent a flurry of shots at each other.

BossTop directed a subliminal jab at Sosa late Wednesday, writing, “N*ggas ain’t really your bro.”

Sosa responded to Top’s statement, writing, “R.I.P boss top.”

Top shot back with a fiery message to Sosa, writing, “@ChiefKeef LET ME KNOW SOMETHING #p*ssyboa.”

“R.I.P. WHOEVER RUN UP ON ME,” he added.

Top continued his rant against Sosa in several more social media posts.

“Nah Not Me Dad He Still Drunk,” Top wrote on Twitter.

Top regarded Sosa as a “ghost” on his set in a meme posted to IG.

“Can’t beef with a ghost,” the meme read.

Top captioned his post, “Gotta Be In This Sh*t Foreal.”

An IG post created by Top a few days ago has much more meaning now that his beef with Sosa has come to light.

He teased his new song “Danny Glover” via IG with a caption that read, “You No Longer Gang Now #DannyGloverFreestyle.”

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