Capo Glos In ‘G.L.O.N.L.’ Mixtape

Capo graced fans with his solo debut mixtape ‘G.L.O.N.L.’ on Nov. 7. The project, hosted by DJ Twin and Trap-A-Holics, shows listeners how Capo glows. Listeners are going to need shades while listening to this tape.

Capo begins his project off with the mixtape-titled track “G.L.O.N.L Part 2” featuring Glo Gang frontman Chief Keef. Sosa rapped the track’s “G.L.O.N.L.” hook.

Sosa was a fixture on this project as he lent his talents on several more tracks, including “Glo Gang Mafia,” “Forgiatos” and “Hate Me.”

Their strongest collaboration was the latter song, an ode to the haters.

Capo hits the track and questions his haters, rapping, “Why you niggas hate me/And I ain’t do nothing, but do me/Matter fact, I know why you hate me/Cause I got up here working, you play lazy/I gotta go and grind, bitch I gets mine/If that boy don’t grind, then that boy don’t shine.”

Sosa follows, rapping, “Pull forward, take a look back/Posted on O’Block, front street, 300, ain’t got a lot, I took that/I know why these niggas hate me/Cause I don’t f*ck with niggas, for a verse, they gotta pay me/Why all these niggas tryna do me?/Cause I’ma G-L-O boy, my life a movie.”

It wouldn’t be a Glo Boy project if there weren’t a track for the thots. Thot, coined by Chicago’s urban residents, is a negative term for promiscuous women. In track four, Capo has a good ole time in his “Thotty Party.”

Capo delivers a strong effort on track “Come With Dis.” Capo informs listeners he and his crew are not for play. He lets them know there are levels to the game, rapping, “F- – -k nigga wanna take my chain/It’s a lot that come with this/Steady talking out yo mouth, I’m catch you boy/It’s a lot that come this/Got this nine on me/A lot of shots that come with this/Tray Savage got a 50 on him, it’s a lot that come with him/Want smoke with the Glo f- – k boy, it’s a lot that come with this/It’s either you with us or you aint/It’s a lot that come with this.”

Capo tapped No Limit MB rapper Lil Herb for song “Bein Famous.” The two would rather have the riches, not the fame.

Capo raps, “I rather have my money and my niggas with me, than being famous/All these niggas talk a lot of shit til them guys get to aiming/My niggas don’t bullshit, we banging/If you aint with the street shit, don’t get kushed just for hanging.”

Herb follows, rapping, “I rather have this money and my niggas with me, f- – k being famous/Hit the cub with gaug, tote 30s and them thangs, we armed and dangerous/And we gang banging, don’t get changed man/We ain’t like yall rapping ass niggas, we got hammers on us, we aiming.”

Capo’s debut is solid. Word on the streets is he’s already hard at work on the second installment of “G.L.O.N.L”

Download/stream Capo’s solo debut “G.L.O.N.L” mixtape

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