CashOut Discusses Violence in Chicago

Chicago has seen an increase in its homicide rate in 2012. The Windy City has hit 500 homicides with 2,438 shootings thus far this year, according to crimeinchicago.blogspot.com.

In the city many residents have dubbed “ChIraq,” it appears many have become somewhat numb to the violence that plagues the urban community.

St. Lawrence native CashOut, known for his escalating beef with Interscope artist Chief Keef, attempted to break down the cause of the senseless killings gripping his hometown.

The majority of violence, CashOut said, comes from the Englewood area where he resides.

CashOut explained many gangs feel they have “something to prove,” which results in a “domino effect.”

“If somebody brother get killed, then somebody cousin gotta get killed,” he said. “If we catch him over here, he know he a target. If he off this block, then we gotta go ahead and get him. Like they gotta make a statement.”

What will it take to curb the violence in the Chicago? Sound off below.

Check out CashOut’s interview below.

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