Chad Ochocinco Speaks With Fredo Santana After Announcing Plans To Unite Migos and GBE

Chad Ochocinco wants to see a resolution to GBE and Migos’ escalating beef. The pro athlete told followers he believes he can end the two popular camps’ beef.

“I’m so positive I can unite Migos & Glory Boys…

“I’m full of love today & I’m happy as hell,” he wrote on Twiter.

Ocho would later reveal he had a conversation with Mr. Fredo Santana himself.

“Just spoke w/ he homie @FREDOSANTANA300 , real thorough dude,” he wrote.

Details of Ocho and Fredo’s conversation were not disclosed.

Migos and GBE’s beef reached new heights following confrontation inside a Chicago restaurant.

A confrontation between Migos and Capo occurred following the “Fight Night” rappers’ Friday, Nov. 7 scheduled performance at Adriannas.

Fredo threatened he would personally handle the Atlanta rap group if they were to ever try 300 brother Capo again.

“On bd this sh-t go for any rap n*gga u will die playin wit me an I will go to jail wit out a care im the right mf to play wit on bd ALL FACT

“@MigosATL I’m in LA but stop playing wit capo on bd for I get y’all whole camped killed facts my word is LAW so don’t test

“I will do the time for it to.

“An who ever riding wit em is a enemy an I hope y’all no wat I do to enemy’s,” he wrote.

Migos may have directed a subliminal tweet towards Fredo.

“N*ggas hard on the web #peterparker,” the post read.

Fredo replied to the tweet, writing, “I’m hard in real life too check my field record.”

Capo shed light on the incident in a rant posted to Twitter.

“@1YoungTakeoff Way F*ck n*gga Link up Dm yo number! Y’all pull up right Pull up Na

“Migos Soft as hell Y’all Jus Had 20 n*ggas And I was by myself F*ck n*ggas! Link

“@1YoungTakeoff @offsetYRN @QuavoStuntin Link Up Again Were y’all at don’t leave Chicago yet Dm y’all Line let’s meet let’s meet Again!” he wrote.

“On blood grave They all Swung and I didn’t Get hit 2time they Lil rappin A-- had 20 n*ggas Wit Em An ain’t even do sh*t But woof!

“@migosATL Y’all a-- was tryna talk I told y’all let’s go outside y’all b*tch a-- y’all wanna be real so bad! Y’all fraud a-- lil n*ggas!

“Cameras on once the fight was over Y’all ain’t record wat really happen on blood quavo was scared y’all a-- funny I’m off the internet Tho!

“Quavious Marshall yall from the north side of Atlanta Y’all can’t Even c-- to Zone6 east Atlanta! Gucci don’t f*ck wit yall no Mo @MigosATL

“Bang Bang Kamakazee

“Nobody wanted to Fight One On One I was gone Beat all 3 of the Migos asson Blood!

“Shhhhh close Yo mouth rest Up in the Trap! I make one Call And Then fall I put him on the Map!” he wrote.

Capo also took to IG to call out Migos


“Migos B*tches @MigosATL scary a-- N*ggas Y’all ain’t Wanna Fight me One on one! We a meet Again,” the captions on his posts read.

Matters took a turn for the worse after Migos were involved in a brawl at Club Adriannas in Washington D.C.

Chief Keef raised speculation on his involvement in the theft after regramming a photo of Quavo’s chain onto his personal account with a caption, reading, “What’s this?” The photo was later removed.

Capo facetimed the D.C. culprit who snatched Quavo’s chain.

Donno Wildaass posted an up close snapshot of the chain onto IG with a caption, reading, “So This What All The Fuss About #Legteam #PurgeTeam #BlowCheeze.”

Donno filmed himself riding around in traffic with the expensive piece of jewelry.

Capo regrammed the post with a caption, reading, “What’s This.”

The “G.L.O.N.L. 2” rapper went on to taunt Quavo with a series of IG posts.

“@QuavoYm This Quavo Chain he jus got His Sh-t Took! Y’all Thought y’all Was Gone Travel And Think this Sh-t Was Over wit! I Got N-ggas EveryWhere! who Slippin on Bananas now?

“Damn It’s All Bad Quavo! My Slutty’s Caught U Walkin On Bananas… If you want it Back U gotta Pay Hommage Lil B-tch!

“#GloControl,” the captions on his posts read.

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