Chella H Is Back with More Ammo In New Mixtape ‘The Realest B---- In It: Reloaded’

(In my best Tony Montana voice) Okay! Chella H is reloaded!

The Realest B---- in Chicago emptied her round the last go around and has another clip ready to finish em off.

There was no better way to start “The Realist B---- In It: Reloaded” than with Tony Soprano’s famous sound byte, “Okay, I’m reloaded!”

Hosted by DJ Don Canon, Chella’s latest EP includes some memorable tracks from the “The Realist B---- In This.” But fans should be elated to learn the project includes nine new tracks.

And she even came with some industry hard hitters for her project, including Shawnna, King Louie, Bo Deal and some production by Zaytoven.

As far as new tracks go, fans will hear Zaytoven’s production talents in “Go Crazy” where Chella H does as the titles says on song, snapping, “I’m the life of the party, they be paying me to host/When I walk up in that b----, you know I gotta do the most/I go crazy in the booth, I’m the motherf*cking truth/Everytime I do a show, I tear that b*tch up off the roof.”

And what woman can walk a mile in Chella’s stilettos? None of course, because according to Chella, they are “Nuthin” like her.

In “Nuthin Like Me,” Chella H, raps, “I’ma stand up b*tch, I’ma hold you down/I’ma be around when she get deep/and it’s real out in the streets/Baby, let me rub your feet/You need to come over here and let me cook you something to eat/On my life, my steak so fire, kool-aid the truth, I ain’t gon lie.”

Zaytoven also lent his production talents for dance track “How I Do” where Chella H raps, “Got the city sewed up, b*tches hating so what/Where the blocks roll up (Nah!)/Zay told me I’m the truth, go crazy in the booth/My name is Chella, who is you?”

The song “Disturbance” makes its second debut on Chella’s mixtape and is still arguably one of the EP’s top songs.

A personal favorite of mine, Chella spits words of wisdom in this inspiring song, rapping, “Took a few wrong turns, no I am not perfect/Made a lot of mistakes that I wish I could erase/But I can’t, on my mama if I could that would be great/All my life I went through a lot, but I still give it all I got/I was bullshitting and for a minute, I turned up and made myself hot.”
Chella H turns up her rhyme skills and boss chick personality in “Reloaded.”

Other new tracks on the EP include “Teach Me Some Moves,” “Take A Loss,” “Kiss My A--,” “Go Dumb,” “Real B----” and “Big And Fat.”

Stream/download Chella H’s “The Realist B---- In It: Reloaded”

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