Chicago Artist Lil’ Mouse Denies Slapping & Threatening To Kill A 3rd Grade Student

Lil’ Mouse is proclaiming his innocence after a Fox news report alleges the 13-year-old rapper physically assaulted and threatened to kill a third-grade student at George M. Pullman Elementary.

The “Get Smoked” rapper issued a public service announcement addressing the story.

“What up everybody, this your boy Lil’ Mouse and I’m sending this out to my fans who trust in the false allegations and the lies that have been said about me in the media,” he said. “I did not beat up or threaten a third-grade little boy or anyone else. I have nieces and nephews; I wouldn’t want anybody to do that to them.

“So to all my fans, don’t believe none of the lies and all of the rumors that have been said about me in the media,” he said.

Lil’ Mouse thanked Blind Folks Films for filming his statement.

“LIL MOUSE PSA ABOUT FALSE NEWS REPORT s/o ‪@BlindFolksFilms 4 Gettin da story out,” he wrote on his Twitter account.

Fox 32 reports Lil’ Mouse is being investigated slapping the 8-year-old boy for “snitching.”

Lil’ Mouse and fellow eighth graders accosted the 8-year-old boy in the hallway.

The 3rd grade student reported the incident to the school’s office and was subsequently threatened once more by the rapper and cronies.

The boy’s grandmother has since filed a police report.

“When he was walking own the hall, Lil’ Mouse slapped him and told him ‘when we catch you, we’re going to kill you,’” she told Fox 32.

“The 8th graders had grouped up together and made a phone call, saying he snitching and he need to get killed for snitching,” she added.

“The young boy has been given an emergency transfer outside of George M. Pullman Elementary” according to Fox 32.

Check out Lil’ Mouse’s PSA below.

Watch story below

Chicago News and Weather | FOX 32 News

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