Chicago Brothers Kill 76-Year-Old Landlord Because They Didn’t Want To Pay Rent

Two Chicago brothers are facing first-degree murder charged in the death of their 76-year-old landlord Vasudevareddy Kethireddy, the Chicago Sun Times reports.

Tony Green, 22, and Elijah Green, 25, concocted the plan to strangle the elderly man and dump his body in a sewer, so it can decompose.

The two brothers were denied bail during a Monday court hearing, according to the Cook County state attorney’s office.

On Friday, Aug. 3, the Green Brothers reportedly hatched a plan to lure Kethireddy to their apartment on a complaint of a leaky roof. For two days, the brothers complained of a leaky roof.

When Kethireddy showed up to the apartment on Saturday, Aug. 4, Tony led him to the back of the unit, where Elijah then choked him to death.

A witness saw Elijah carry Kethireddy’s body out the back door before the brothers threw it in the landlord’s car and drove around to look for a place to dispose of it.

The brothers failed to find a dumping spot, went back home, and left Kethireddy’s body in the back seat underneath a sheet.

Later that night, the brother allegedly drove Kethireddy’s car over the sewer in front of their apartment building, removed the lid and threw his body inside.

The brothers took $1,600 in cash from Kethireddy’s car and used his credit cards at nearby businesses after his killing.

Detectives were able to find Kethireddy’s body after looking in his cellphone records, and finding some used the device to search how long it takes a body to decompose in sewer water.

The Green Brothers have admitted to killing Kethireddy.

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