Chicago Police Bait Kids With Truck Full Of Nikes

Chicago Police are accused of parking a “bait truck” full of designer shoes in South Side Chicago for two straight days, the Daily Mail reports.

CPD parked the truck near a group of teens playing basketball in Englewood, southwest Chicago.

Activists blasted police methods.

“Instead of stopping crime, they’re trying to create it,” Martin Johnson, who spent an hour filming the second truck on Friday, said, according to Daily Mail.

This isn’t the first time Chicago Police baited a vehicle in hopes of arresting teens. Members of Chicago’s 600 and 300 crews were featured in a 2012 episode of Tru TV’s “Bait Car.”

Chief Keef even commented on the episode upon its initial airdate.

“Dey got dem oblock boyz on here ‪#MyNiggasCantBelieveIt Teen Mob – Bait Car,” he wrote on Twitter.

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