Chicago Rapper Killa Kellz Drops Insane ‘Dreams n Nightmares’ Freestyle

In a city where crime, drugs, violence and poverty plagues its residents, nightmares cloud a Chicagoan’s sleep rather dreams.

So what does a nightmare look like to an Englewood native?

Chicago artist Killa Kellz and director Fly Visual paint a vivid portrait in his remix of
Meek Mill’s “Dreams n Nightmares.”

In Kellz “Dreams,” he raps, “Lotta ni**as aint real, they just put on shows/I know ni**as history, you can get exposed/Ni**as claim a lot of sh*t, they don’t really know/ But they wasn’t in the field when it was real, though/ It don’t make you a hitter cuz you got a gun/ Where the guys at, the shorties need to learn/ A lot these shorties, they living blind/ all they know is selling drugs or tote an iron/ A lot of ni**as die just to be street/ Life is a game and I play for keeps.”

Kellz’ nightmares soon present an even starker reality as he raps, “You think I made it in these streets this long, ni**a just being dumb/I don’t play games with my life, this life here ain’t no fun/ Can you blow smoke with your gun, bitch I blow smoke with my gun/ this black mac with this white strap and I’m dressed up like a nun/ No Pokémon, but I tote the gun that’ll wet a ni**a like scurtle.”

What will it take to a Chicagoan’s nightmarish reality into promising dreams? Sound off below

Check out Killa Kellz “Dream n Nightmares” below

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