King Samson Aims For Gold In ‘Samson Durant’ Mixtape

King Samson got a hearty meal prepared for the streets. The Street God served up some heat for the listening pleasure of the streets and fans of the Chiraq Hip Hop movement in his newly released mixtape project “Samson Durant,” hosted by DJ Legacy, DJ Young Shawn, DJ Amaris and DJ Shon. And the main course isn’t even ready yet. Samson regarded this tape as an appetizer until his project “Street God” hits the streets.

“I’m just feeding the streets with sh*t that’s not making my real mixtape ‘Street God,’” he said.

It’s really a no-brainer why Samson named this project after one of the most dominant players in the league.

“…It’s playoffs time and I kill every thing like Durant,” he said. “I’m a All-star.”

The Chiraq Hip Hop scene has a burgeoning pool of talent in this social media age. Samson attempts to weave through this competitive arena with gritty tales of trap life and the streets.

And who better to present to present an accurate portrayal of the urban underworld than Samson who has a first-hand account of the streets.

Samson’s addresses his hometown’s constant negative press in the “Media” in his opening Chase N Dough-produced track. The song includes a news clip that pertains to violence that erupted at his March 21, 2013 concert at Mr. G’s nightclub where seven people were shot.

Violence occurred during an album release party early Thursday morning after seven people were shot inside a Chicago nightclub, according to ABC 7.

King Samson took to Twitter to send his condolences to victims following the melee.


Samson addresses this tragedy, rapping, “They shooting in the club, no one arrested/I just wanna rap, that’s my profession/That sh*t out of my league, that’s my confession/And if I got it on me, it’s protection.”

Nicki Minaj couldn’t have possibly predicted what was to come after dropping Boi-1da, Vinyls and Allen Ritter-produced single “Chiraq.” Neither could she predict Chiraq’s own King Samson would annihilate track. No, she wasn’t ready.

Samson raps, “Chiraq, that’s my sh*t,” Samson raps in the opening seconds. He goes on to own the track, rapping, “Chiraq, that’s my city/I ride around with that buck 50/I ain’t talking about no hat, though/50 shots in my mack, though/Killers kick in that back door/Pull up, slide them back doors.”

Lil Wayne wakes up in the morning, takes a knee and thanks the Man, then gets back to the money. King Samson does the same. He bows his head to give thanks to the most High before making some bread in “Let Us Pray” featuring Nino.

Samson is in trap mode, rapping, ““He copping, but I never met him/The car and the crew got the cameras/I’m fresh just might need a camera/Hit the road, I need a scanner/Street God should go on a banner.”

Samson continues his trapping ways in “Mexicans,” rapping, “Uno, deuce, tres, quatro, cinco, seis/Cooking in the kitchen, extras I finesse/A-K with the vest/Cook up like a chef/Re-rock with the meth, soda make a mess/Hold up let me flex.”

Samson collaborates with Nino once again on “South Side.”

The two trade bars on this track giving listeners the real on what really goes down on the South Side of the Chi.

King Samson’s “Bi-Polar” was rightfully titled. The Street God goes crazy on this Chase Davis production. The King goes in, no hook, rapping, “I stay on the paper trail cause b*****s is secondary/And f**k what a n***a think cause n****s ain’t necessary/I’m never gone settle down unless I can get Halle Berry/I whip it like Ben & Jerry.”

King Samson has a track dedicated to the “Ratchet” females. Samson doesn’t hold anything back as he goes in on basic females, rapping, “Northface with the Uggs, b***h yo basic a--/B***h, you shop at Marshals with yo tasteless a--/All black diamonds with my racist a--/Step in King of Diamonds with my ratchet a--/She stealing out of Macy’s with her boosting a--/She wanna do the King with her choosing a--/B***h, you f*ck with opps, b***h yo losing a--.”

King Samson has a penchant for ripping apart popular instrumentals, so it was only right for him to go in on Young Thug’s “Danny Glover” with a freestyle.

He raps, “I’m not gone say too much, I’m just gon keep the s**t all in the street/I’m gone say too much, I’m just gone catch him and get something to eat/Article read, couple dead bodies and rappers deceased.”

King Samson was back to his trapping ways in “Trap Talk.” Samson lets listeners in on how he works the kitchen, rapping, “Baking soda in the pot, time to cook it up/You don’t know the King, time to look me up/N****s talking shows, time to book me up/No limit on the wrist, I can hook it up/They say they looking for me, I don’t give a f**k/This s**t gone move regardless, I ain’ gotta rush.”

King Samson knows he got the streets on lock. He is confident his clout in the streets will translate into underground success.

The street-wise spitter doesn’t hold back on this tape. It’s a wonder what the South Side native has in store for fans with upcoming mixtape “Street God.” Fans will have to wait and see, but in the meantime, they can enjoy this project until the main course is served.

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