BossTop Got The Game In A Chokehold In ‘At Yo Neck’ Mixtape

BossTop has been hard at work on his debut mixtape “A Yo Neck” for the past few months. The project was carefully put together, so fans can expect a quality listening experience. BossTop is increasingly becoming a presence on the underground Chicago Hip Hop scene. He has come to be known by his high-adrenaline style of rap. Top is not one to shy away into obscurity during the peak of Chiraq’s burgeoning Hip Hop scene. Top is coming at the game’s throat to make it known he is here to stay. Hosted by DJ Bandz, DJ Victoriouz and DJ Twin, BossTop gives fans a look into Chiraq’s trap underworld.

Top’s opening track is titled after the mixtape.

Top is definitely at the competition’s neck. Top is scary in his delivery on this sinister Marko Montana-production.

One knew Top’s viral hit Tarentino-produced track “Hell Naw” would make this tape. This single hit the net in late 2013. Top is in the trap spot cooking up work. Top narrates a haunting tale of trap life, rapping, “Choppers, know we got them choppers in that trap spot/Two stoves, where we in here whipping, we got eight pots/Junkies, junkies back to back, they want them damn rocks.”

Fans were constantly pushing for Top to release his debut tape. But as they say, Rome wasn’t built in a day. Opposing rappers in Chiraq’s growing market most likely felt Top was shying away from the competition. But that was far from the truth. Now that Top’s debut is finally here, the game is feeling the “Pressure.”

Top bullies his rivals in the Deezy production, rapping, “Boss T, I’m at yo neck like necklace/O’Block, all my n****s reckless/Yo block, can’t take no pressure/And I tote glocks, they a stretch ya/My glizzy Jesus, the way it bless you/My n****s thirsty, don’t let them catch you/Keep the mack on me and I get disrespectful.

A man’s rep is everything. One’s reputation earns them respect from their peers. This doesn’t come easy in a world of wolves. Luckily for BossTop, he runs with wolves and leads the pack. Top and D.C. native Fat Trell collaborated on the single “Got Respect,” a Chris Beatz production.

Top is a vet on the streets, so when a “P*ssy Boa” wants war, he simply welcomes it. Top goes crazy on this Dree The Drummer, rapping, “Kick your door flat like a door mat/Everybody down where that door at/You’s a f**k n***a feeding where that dope at/Heard you got the bricks, where that coke at/Catch your a-- in traffic, you get car jacked/You keep f*****g around, get your broad whacked/Bullets at your head like a skull cap.”

DJ Kenn is well respected on Chi Town’s underground drill scene. His production skills helped push Chief Keef to stardom. Kenn’s production work proved to mesh well with Top’s highly animated flow. The two linked up on the track “Hardest.”

Prince Dre is one of the fresh faces of the Chiraq Hip Hop movement. The kid is only in his early teens, but is already posing a threat to rap scene. Whenever Dre puts out a track, it’s an event. When Dre hooks up with Top, call it a spectacle. Dre made a guest feature on Tops’ “On a Guyz Pt. 2.” The two artists spazz out on this track.

Lil Reese made a guest feature on Top’s “All My N*ggas,” a Marko Montana production. Top and Reese are going to ride for O’Block and Lamron.

BossTop is in a trap state of mind in “Paul George.” One may ask what does the Pacers’ shooting guard have to do with this song. BossTop found George to be the perfect analogy for his drug spot. “Trap jumping like Paul George!” he raps.

BossTop is the captain of his own ship. In the opening seconds of “Tote Glizzys,” Top says, “I’m my own manager, my own boss, my own security, my own shooter.”

Top stays with a glock on his side in his Abe Beats production, rapping, “We tote glizzys, 30s and 50s/O-Gang, they with me/Bust them chickens, I need two kitchens.”

BossTop’s debut is a must-listen. The O’Block native gives fans a look into his life and the streets. Top’s quality mixtape proves O’Block is a breeding ground for talent. This one apartment complex introduced Top, Sosa and Prince Dre to the world of Hip Hop. Who would’ve known this much talent could come out of poverty in South Side Chicago. Now that Top got the game in a chokehold, it’d be interesting to see the next steps he takes to propel his career.

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