Chief Keef Banned From BET, Bow Wow Reveals

The truth has come out.

Chief Keef has long had a shaky relationship, or non-existent one for that matter, with BET since his rise to fame.

Mr. 106 & Park himself Shad Moss, aka Bow Wow, revealed the BET banned Sosa from their network.

Moss wrote on IG, “BET banned sosa. I was fighting to get sosa on 106 it was no go from the uppers. They really black balled him from mainstream its crazy.”

This isn’t news to Sosa though. He revealed to a fan BET banned him in 2014.

A fan upset with Sosa not appearing on the 2014 Awards show wrote, “Ok.. Fat trel on BET but @ChiefKeef not tf lol.”

Sosa replied, “@_LOLSHAUN BET banned me along time Ago Becuz I didn’t attend 106 Cuz I ain’t f****n feel like it!”

Sosa revealed he got high instead of making the appearance.

“…I aint feel Like goin i was Getting high,” Chief Keef told a fan.

But Sosa did hope to make up his appearance on the now canceled program.

“I turned Down 106&park before But I still love y’all tho Ima make it up,” he wrote.

Chief Keef was upset with BET for not inviting him to perform at the 2013 Awards show.

Fans hoped Sosa would perform, but he commented it was unlikely because BET was “scared” of him.

Sosa later went on a rant venting his frustrations against the network.

“Man Dey a– Scared Of Us,” Keef wrote on his Twitter account.

“#FuckBetAwardz YoungestHottestTalkedAboutNiggaOnEarth NeverBeenOnBet #MtvTmzLoveMeDoeShoutOutDem,” the caption on Keef’s Instagram account read.

The embattled rap star even vented his frustrations in a video posted online.

“Man, f*ck BET!” Keef said. “We out here, man. Leaning. If we go to the BET Awards. Chains getting took. B*tches getting f*cked. They mommas getting f*cked. Steal, pregnant… everything.”

Sosa again dissed BET during the 2014 awards show.

“F-ck the Bet awards I gotta do some 2 get a award first!” the caption on his IG post read.

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