Chief Keef Calls Out Copycats

They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. In Hip Hop, biting or swagger jacking one’s style is a Cardinal sin.

Chief Keef is not too pleased with fellow MCs who found it in their best interest to steal his style.

“Ima need more than 10 fingers to name all the n***as who stole my style,” Sosa wrote on Twitter.

Sosa has long taken to social media to call out his mini-me’s.

“All u boys taking all the little style I did have? An y’all want that old sos… don’t Y’all got enough mini me’s?” he wrote on Twitter in July 2014

Chief Keef would then experiment with a slurred flow in place of his original style.

Chop shed light on Sosa’s new style in his WGCI interview with DJ Moondawg.

“Too many people stole how he was rapping with the stop and pause and all that,” Chop said. “Too many people done stole the whole swag.”

Future was cited as taking the drill rap style for single “Sh*t.”

“Most definitely that’s a drill record, that’s why it went crazy in the club,” Chop said.

Sosa previously referred to his new style as “Rich Rapping.” He referred to copycat rappers as “Baby Sosas.”

“Sorry Fans Im Rich Rappin Now Cuz Everybody Stole All my Old Flows On O ‪#EverybodyDidSmh Now Im doin Some more S--- Still My Own Style.

“Dey Even Stealin My New S--- They Think Its gonna Get em On ? no You Gotta Be yoself N----- Wanna Be Me Not Gonna Work ‪#SoundlikebabySo,” Keef wrote.

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