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Chief Keef Disses Young Chop?

Chief Keef and Young Chop’s partnership was seen as a Hip Hop match made in Heaven.

Their music relationship produced banger hits that took the “Drill” sound to a new level.

But ever since the release of “Finally Rich,” which primarily featured production by Young Chop, the two have been at odds.

Keef may have added fuel to fire with a vilifying message written via his Twitter account.

“F*ck my Ex Producers Lmao,” Chief Keef wrote.

Chop retweeted the statement and wrote a message, reading, “LMAO.”

Sosa and Chop’s relationship reached a breaking point after news surfaced that Chief Keef and 1017 Bricksquad producer Zaytoven would be doing a full album together.

Fans were disappointed upon hearing the news and stormed Young Chop’s Twitter timeline asking if he and Chief Keef would continue making music.

Twitter user Trust None @iamstacksbeatz wrote, “I wanna hear Keef w/ @youngchopbeatz again.”

Chop replied, “@iamstackzbeatz u will not.”

The producer who was behind the highly successful “I Don’t Like” track said his business relationship with the Interscope artists is “over.”

But Chop said he will continue to support Keef.

“That’s good for him and his career #i will buy the abum #its all love,” he wrote.

It was originally reported Chief Keef may potentially be linking up with producer Zaytoven to record a full album.

Zaytoven, born Xavier Dotson, wrote on his Twitter account that he and the controversial rap star Chief Keef have an album in the works.

“Talk to @ChiefKeef today we doing a WHOLE album together @staytune #BIRDSofaFEATHER 6/28,” he wrote.

Fans soon grew excited over news of a potential new Chief Keef album. Many misread the message as meaning the album would be titled “Birds of a Feather” and dropping June 28.

Zaytoven had to clarify his statement.

“NEVA started me an @ChiefKEef dropping a album on 6/28 I said we talking bout wrking on it,” he wrote.

This isn’t the first time Young Chop questioned Chief Keef’s business moves.

Young Chop didn’t take news of Chief Keef’s new Bricksquad 1017 deal too well.

The “I Don’t Like” producer was just as shocked as everyone else upon learning Chief Keef would be joining Gucci Mane’s camp.

Despite the two’s close relationship, Young Chop was left out of the loop.

“@ChiefKeef so u 1017 now smfh,” he wrote.

Gucci confirmed news of the signing, writing, “Chief Keef newest member of Bricksquad 1017 bmg gbe mpa #turnup.”

Chief Keef retweeteed Gucci’s tweet with the confirming phrase, “SQUAD.”

With his new business move, Chief Keef wrote, “Smh Ima Seventeen Year Old Legend!”

Chief Keef excitingly tweeted his affiliation his new team.

“#WhatTimeItIs?1017,” he wrote.

But Chief Keef’s news had many Twitter users perplexed.

Many fans took to Twitter to ask Chief Keef to clarify his affiliation.

Chief Keef wrote, “Lmao Gbe Is always Gbe I jus Fuck Wit Wop Hard So We Da Mufuckin Clique Clique Clique Clique 1017 Globoy.”

Twitter user @UncleBigMoody asked Chief Keef, “SO IS IT STILL GBE?!”

Chief Keef replied, “@UncleBigMoody Hell Yea Its Still gbe Boy.”

Another fan @KrismaticKage asked, “Chief Keef is on interscope or Bricksquad? #10thWorldWonder @ChiefKeef.”

Keef replied, “Interscope GloryBoyz Bricksquad “SQUAD””

What are your thoughts on Chief Keef’s business move? Sound off below

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