Chief Keef Evicted From Highland Park Mansion

It is being reported by multiple news outlets that Chief Keef has been evicted from his Highland Park Mansion due to failure to pay rent.

Sosa had been $30,000 behind in rent payments since March, according to court documents obtained by Chicago Tribune. This news comes following an agreement Sosa and owner of the property, Bal Bansal, reached in April when the rent owed totaled $22,500. Sosa settled with the mansion’s housing authority and was reportedly required to pay $30,000 by April 20.

But Sosa still never paid the sum and was served an eviction notice May 7.

Sosa posted footage of himself walking through empty rooms of his former home.

Sosa may planning a Lebron move and take his talents to the 305. He commented in late May he purchased a mansion in Miami.

“Movin To Miami Gotta get me a mansion There!” he wrote.

This would be Sosa’s third mansion if this move were finalized. Sosa moved to the Highland mansion in November 2013. The mansion was reportedly more expensive than his previous Northfield mansion.

According to Sosa, his the Highland mansion was $2 million more than his first mansion.

“And I Got A Bigger and better House And Cost 2 million more And ! It’s On ‘that’s it’ Music Video,” Sosa wrote.

The mansion is featured in Sosa’s “That’s It” music video.

Sosa moved out of his first mansion because it was “weak.”

Sosa revealed on IG in early November his new home was 6000 square feet.

“6000 sq feet To Myself Than U Jesus #Almigh,” he wrote on IG.

Keef gave fans a tour of his new home while teasing his new song “Foreign.”

Sosa’s previous home was 5,200 square feet.

The landlord of the property, Georghe Simoniak-Sas, filed a lawsuit against Sosa in September 2013 due to the rapper’s negligence to pay rent totaling $9,4000, according to court records obtained by Chicago Real Estate Daily.

The case has since been settled with both parties declining to disclose the terms. The Cook County court docket reports the cased was “dismissed with prejudice” in September.

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