Chief Keef & Lil Reese Don’t Like Molly

Chief Keef and Lil Reese occasionally profess their love of getting high in music.

In “Team,” Lil Reese raps, “Who got that drink, I need that drink/Who got that smoke, I need that stink.”

In “I Don’t Like” featuring Lil Reeese, Chief Keef famously rapped, “We smoke dope all day, all night/You smoke Reggie, that’s that s*** I don’t like.”

Reggies aren’t the only thing Sosa and Reese don’t like. The 300 Black Disciples took to Twitter to deny using “Molly.”

“Chief Keef Don’t Do Molly #Nbs,” he once wrote on Twitter.

Reese echoed similar sentiment, writing, “Nd I don’t do dat Molly give dat s--- 2 jmunna…#Rip.”

Molly is a powdered or crystallized form of MDMA. When induced, it produces euphoria and stimulates the sensory organs. The street version of the drug is usually never pure and laced with unsafe chemical products, including methamphetamine.

Rap titan Kendrick Lamar is currently leading a movement to destroy molly rap. The Compton rapper made headlines after featuring the words “Death To Molly” in the conclusion of his “B---- Don’t Kill My Vibe” music video.

Kendrick referred to the molly trend in Hip Hop as “corny” during an interview with MTV’s Sway In The Morning.

“I like trends. In high school, we had the button ups. Jay-Z did that. Cool trend. The jerseys. Cool Trend. Air Forces and then sometimes you have the trends thats not that cool. You may have certain artists portraying these trends and don’t really have that lifestyle and then it gives off the wrong theme and it becomes kind of corny after awhile. It’s really about keeping Hip Hop original and pushing away the corniness.”

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But Molly rap is considered to be big business for many rappers, including Wiz Khalifa.

During an interview with Hard Knock TV, Wiz revealed he would be crazy not to do guest features on “Molly” records.

“I think it’s past the people who are actually using it. It’s just money now,” the “Black and Yellow” rapper said. “You know what I mean? And I would be crazy not to tap into that. Like I want some of that money, too.

Wiz said it’s not his place to stop children from using the drug.

“And its kids, they are partying and having fun, so I’m not going to tell you what not to do,” he said. “You know what I’m saying. I’ve never been that dude. Like when I seen it was kind of growing and becoming more and more popular, at first I was one of the people that was ‘Yall need to chill with the Molly.’ I said that. But the more popular it grew, it got bigger than me and my influence, so it’s like you can either get with it or get lost. So I do not want to get lost.”

Waka Flocka is not a fan of molly, referring to the drug craze as the “new crack” during an interview with Hot 97.

“Them mollies is dangerous, man,” The “Grove Street Party” rapper said. “For the record, molly just crystal meth. Yall ni**as is on crystal meth. Yall ni**as eating crystal meth. These ni**as don’t even know, yall eating crystal meth mixed with ecstasy.”

Crystal meth is a shortened term of methamphetamine. Crystal meth refers to the crystalline form of methamphetamine.

Crystal meth is often smoked through a glass pipe in similar fashion to how crack is smoked.

Crystal meth gives its user a long lasting high, but long-term use can pose dangerous side affects, including extreme weight loss, insomnia, violence, decayed teeth, brain damage and paranoia, to name a few.

“…That’s truck driver drugs, man. These n***** is on ice,” Waka continued. “The crystal s--- is meth! These n***** is meth heads. I seen a n**** on meth. I just came back. Yo, this n**** look mad old. This n***a like 19. I’m like n****, you look like you f******* 30. How the hell your face get that old? This n**** is on the f******* ice. It’s the new crack!”

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