Chief Keef’s Pregnant Girlfriend Kisses Boyfriend Number 2

Chief Keef is caught in a serious love triangle. As Sosa serves his court-mandated 90 days of rehabilitation in California, his girlfriend and baby mother-to-be appears to be carrying on a romantic relationship with a man she previously referred to as her “other half.”

Chief Keef is in love with the young woman. But it is very questionable on whether the feeling is mutual.

Sosa posted an affectionate meme showcasing a pregnant couple to IG.

“Love U,” the caption read.

The young lady @trillshit_woog continued her flirtacious antics after posting several more questionable images to her IG account.

One image displays her and @richhomie_spvzz taking photograph together.

“Woke up out Some good A-- Sleep, Now I’m All Aggravated!!! Where’s @richhomie_spvzz?? I miss Him,” the photo on the caption read.

She also posted an image of herself lying down with Spvzz to IG. It features a caption that appears to be subtly directed at Chief Keef.

“He really got Me on The Phone sweating Him Like it’s not Late For this B.S & Damn sure to late for him to Be Acting The way He is #Spoiled #Selfish #Meany

@trillshit_woog was in the hospital for an unknown reason. Her friend was present during her stay.

She posted a vid to IG kissing Spvzz.

“I know I Know It’s Bad, I can’t Stop Sweating Him #HeReallySleep #ImReallyBored #ILOVEHIMThou,” the caption read.

The young woman’s romantic exchanges with Spvzz were reciprocal. He also shared affectionate posts.

He posted an image of @trillshit_woog, writing, “I miss her picture perfect.”

Later posts showed Spvzz tending to @trillshit_woog in the hospital.

“My fat @trillshit_woog.

“She mad they makin her stay @trillshit_woog,” the captions on the posts read.

Chief Keef posted a meme hinting he may not have a problem with @trillshit_woog dating other men.

In an IG post captioned, “My lil b----,” the meme read, “I MISS MY B---- HIS B---- OR WHO EVER B----.”

Chief Keef and @trillshit_woog appear to have a volatile relationship. Trill S--- unleashed a verbal assault targeting Chief Keef’s grandmother and daughter Kay Kay after alleging Sosa called her a “b----.”

“…I’m not respecting any n---- who doesn’t respect me! IDGAF who he is! If I’m a b---- your old a-- grandmother is a b----! If it’s f--- me it’s f--- yu to and ya kids as well! If I’m a h-- ya baldhead a-- daughter gone grow up to be just like me! Yes, I can get real wreck with this mouth of mine,” she wrote.

Chief Keef and @trillshit_woog are expecting a baby boy in January. The child will be named King Mon’e Cozart.

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