Chief Keef’s Pregnant Girlfriend Disrespects Daughter Kay Kay?

Chief Keef is currently toughing out the remaining days of his court-mandated and very expensive rehabilitation. His problems have now been compounded as he deals with a very hormonal pregnant girlfriend.

Sosa’s girlfriend unleashed a verbal assault seemingly targeting Chief Keef’s grandmother and daughter Kay Kay after alleging Sosa called her a “b----.”

“…I’m not respecting any n---- who doesn’t respect me! IDGAF who he is! If I’m a b---- your old a-- grandmother is a b----! If it’s f--- me it’s f--- yu to and ya kids as well! If I’m a h-- ya baldhead a-- daughter gone grow up to be just like me! Yes, I can get real wreck with this mouth of mine,” she wrote.

Chief Keef may not take too kindly to his pregnant girlfriend’s disrespect of his daughter as Kay Kay is the number one girl in his life. Chief Keef is overly protective of his 2-year-old daughter.

Chief Keef and @trillshit_woog appear to have a volatile relationship and frequently exchanged venomous blows via social media.

Sosa alleges his girlfriend benefitted from his fame.

“If it Wasn’t for Me Nun Of my H--- or Old h--- wouldn’t Be Famous,” he wrote.

What are your though’s on Sosa’s relationship problem? Sound off below.

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