Chief Keef Reacts To RondoNumbaNine’s Ex-Girlfriend Gotti Bringing Tekashi69 On OBlock

Tekashi69 was exposed on security camera going to OBlock at 3 am. Chief Keef was made aware of the footage on IG.

Sosa was even more shocked to learn it was Rondo’s ex-girlfriend Gotti who brought Tekashi69 to Parkway Gardens.

“That ain’t never,” Sosa wrote in response to the revelation.

Lil Reese has handed Tekashi69 an L for lying about being OBlock at 10 pm.

OBlock Ocho released footage proving that Tekashi filmed his video at 3 a.m.

Ocho wrote in his IG caption, “[Tekashi69] be like lemme go on OBlock for 20 secs at 3 in the morning and tf outta dodge. Lmaoooo @akadmiks get yo mans this not gangsta. And the only reason I’m putting my input cause I’m really from here. P***y ass n****a got the female holding the door for you Lol f**k kind of n***a is this mannnn! Everybody tag @akadmiks i told yall the birds was chirping lmaooo.”

Tekashi69’s suspected marketing strategist, DJ Akademiks, has yet to respond to Ocho’s request for an IG post at this time.

Tekashi69’s trip to Chicago has been an all-around L.

Tekashi69 told fans he was in Chicago with zero security.

#Tekashi69 spotted in #Chicago with Police Escort 👀

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That was far from the case when a pedestrian took a photo of Tekashi being ushered into a vehicle with security nearby.

This obviously sparked much reaction from the Chiraq community.

EBE Bandz wrote on IG, “Dis yall blood right [right]? Dis yall boy?!?! I see you man out here in traffic with the f*****g jakes Stop @ me [Tekashi69] you is not no king of s**t #kingofcpd.”

Tekashi soon lashed out against those who called his protection police.

He wrote on IG, “That ain’t 12 that’s security. When you 7 for 7 on the billboard a multi platinum recording artist such like Nicki Minaj, YG, Cardi B etc. You don’t go nowhere without. I’m not stoopid.”

Tekashi69 has been in a heated back-and-forth with Chicago artists, and decided to make good on his word to visit.

Iman Shumpert recently made a plea with Tekashi to not go to Chicago. The NBA player didn’t think Tekashi69 would make it out of Chicago alive if he decided to visit.

Shumpert, who currently plays for the Sacramento Kings, was asked his thoughts on Tekashi69’s recent antics during a sit-down interview with Power 105’s The Breakfast Club.

“Leave that Chicago s**t alone,” Iman said. “I get what he doing. He picking with all that rappers that can’t do nothing cause they got something lose. Leave Chicago out of it. Now you doing too much. He going into the Bds and GDs. He making a mockery over something, I watch kids grow up – like say theiy hold divine – they treat their gang values like how you treat religion. Like how youu treat being a Christian. That’s how they walk with this gang stuff cause that’s all they had. Bro, you can’t just start violating that. People done buried people. …I done paid for the funerals.”

Lil Durk also isn’t rocking with Tekashi69 for repping GDK/BDK. The OTF boss got on IG Live to express his thoughts on the matter.

#LilDurk reacts to #Tekashi69 mocking #Chicago gang culture

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Tekashi69 posted a video Monday mocking 300/600 in a sketch.

“Once a n***a say GDK or BDK, it’s a whole nation behind it,” Durk said. “The funny rap s**t I call funny to me, and to real street n****s who wouldn’t hop in that s**t, it’s funny until a motherf****r say f**k them, imitating Lamron and O’Block. It’s n****s who died behind this s**t like real life street n****s that died behind this s**t. It’s a thousand n****s behind me who stand for what they stand for.”

Durk’s right-hand man Rondo is also upset with Tekashi disrespecting his set.

RondoNumbaNine isn’t rocking with Tekashi69 for disrespecting his gang and block.

Rondo’s brother, Big Swirl, was able to get him on the line to get his thoughts on the entire ordeal.

“N****s out there fronting their s**t with gang,” Rondo said. “On bro, you f*****g with my n****s. Ain’t no coming back from that, so motherf****r better watch who they f*****g with. Sosa, all y’all know what it is. Y’all know y’all my n****s on bro. OTF, GBE, man. 300/600, man, O’Block, that’s my motherf*****g gang.”

Rondo previously co-signed Tekashi69. This came after the “Gummo” rapper regarded Rondo as his musical influence during an interview with DJ Whoo Kid.

“You know what’s crazy? The person who made me start rapping was RondoNumbaNine,” Tekashi69 told DJ Whoo Kid during a sit-down interview. “I swear to G-d. You know it’s crazy because people say RondoNumbaNine is fresh. He new. I didn’t know s**t about rap.”

RondoNumbaNine soon got on the line to offer his thoughts on the rising Brooklyn rapper.

“I wanna give a special shoutout to my boy SixNine,” Rondo said in a jail call. “I see you out there doing your thing. Keep grinding. F**k all the haters. Show love to the real n****s. Real recognize real. Do your thing. Keep going crazy. Keep turning up. I’ll be back out there in a minute going crazy. Shout out to all my fans that’s been supporting a n***a. Real n***a for life, forever. I can’t ever change.”

Rondo’s older brother Big Swirl was able to get Rondo and Tekashi on the line together.

“Y’all know what the f**k going on,” Tekashi said. “It’s Tekashi, scum gang. I’m on the phone with my brother Rondo. You already know that s**t, man.”

Rondo went onto co-sign the “Gummo” rapper.

“Real n***a salute,” Rondo said. “On bro, you know how this s**t go. Real n***a gon always link up.”

Tekashi is now proclaiming to be BDK after dissing Chief Keef and Lil Reese prior to his FaceTime call with Tadoe.

“F**k Chief Keef, f**k Lil Reese, f**k all them n****s. F**k y’all talking about. It’s f*****g Trey Way. Come up to New Jersey. Jersey ain’t even my city, but my brothers is there. New York s**t. This f*****g Trey Way.

Tadoe got at Tekashi and DJ Akademiks a few weeks ago for keeping his name in their mouths.

Tadoe and Tekashi69’s issues reignited after DJ Akademiks told followers the Glo Gang rapper was in Brooklyn. This prompted Tadoe to issue a response.

Tadoe took to IG Live to issue a response debunking Akademik’s reporting, saying he wasn’t in Brooklyn.

“DJ Akademiks a f*****g clown. He got famous off us,” Tadoe said. “DJ Akademiks better stop playing with us too before motherf*****s get on his ass. Find out his [location]. DJ Akademiks better stop playing with a motherf****r. Tell they ass all that Instagram s**t, I ain’t with none of that s**t. On folks nem grave, n***as can get up with me. Tashiki, one-on-one, me and him. Go at them goofies. Tell them to come get up with me. I just got off the plane. I was just in Miami. I never said I was in Brooklyn.”

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