Famous Dex Coolin With YBN Almighty Jay Despite Having Beef With YBN Nahmir

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Famous Dex posted footage of himself riding around Los Angeles with his new Rich Forever label mate YBN Almighty Jay.

Dexter suggested him and Jay had school children chanting their names.

“Me and my little brother just stopped the whole little school,” Dex said while riding in a vehicle with Almighty Jay. “Just stopped the whole school on my son, ‘Is that Dexter, YBN Rich Forever?’”

Rich The Kid announced he signed Almighty Jay to Rich Forever earlier this week.

Rich The Kid wrote on Twitter, “Welcome to Rich Forever @ybnalmightyjay lil bro only way is up from here!! All about us f**k then.”

#richthekid signs #ybnalmightyjay 😮 #richforever #ybnnahmir

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Dexter is rocking with Almighty Jay despite having beef with YBN Nahmir. Dex was upset with Nahmir for revealing a story of how he requested a feature from him years ago.


“This before all this World Star s**t. Before his World Star s**t and all the extra s**t. ‘Drip From My Walk,’ whatever that s**t was,” Nahmir said. “I was like, ‘Bro, you tryna do a song?’ He was like, ‘$500.’ I was like, ‘Damn, I got $200 on me right now.’ I was in school, and he FaceTimed me in school. I’m like, ‘Bro, I’ma call you back. I’m in school right now.’ I texted him, and then that n***a just blocked me right after I said that. Damn, this n***a really just h**d my whole life cause I told him I was in school. Like, I had $200. It wasn’t s**t to get another $300 in some hours. But that was like 2014.”
Nahmir says he’s not interested in collaborating with Dexter unless the bag is right.

“So anybody ask me to do a song with him ‘No.’ If he ask to do a song with me, ‘No.’Better have $200,000 for me,” he said. “It’s just the fact that he h**d me like that. I’m not even mad about the s**t. …I was a little n***a. I was like 15, 14. It wasn’t s**t to get the little $300.”

It didn’t take long for Dexter to respond on IG Live.

“Did you see what you said on Live, little b***h. Yeah, you wanted to pay me for a feature,” Dex said. “I block your lame a–. You was d**k holding. Get yo d**k holding a– on. YBN, I’ll smack your little b***h a–. Any show I get with you, I’m smacking yo b***h a–. Don’t get on Live saying nothing from 2014.”


YBN Nahmir responded to Dex by reposting a Say Cheese TV IG post, where it states the Alabama rapper is averaging 715,000 views per day on “Rubbin Off The Paint.”

Nahmir captioned the post, “I think this why they mad #2018 check a bag #YBN.”

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