Chief Keef Reveals Migos Got Robbed Of Chains In Memphis

Chief Keef is not letting up on his Migos attack. In Sosa’s latest antics, he revealed some damaging information that occurred for the Atlanta-based rap group in Memphis.

The Interscope rapper alleges Migos were robbed in the River City. Sosa posted a message from IG user Jmoney_binladen that sheds some insight on the alleged incident in an IG post, captioned “@Jmoney_binladen Truth.”

“Tell Sosa f--- migos them n----- h--- they chain’s got took in Memphis…everything in they hotel got took dis JMONEY…them folks get they a-- up,” the message from JMoney read.

This news comes following the social media fallout amongst the burgeoning rap artists. It is rumored Migos’ new song “Brokanese” sparked the beef.

“Heard Migos sneak dissin No Talkin,” Sosa wrote.

Offset responded a short time later with a direct statement, writing he would meet Sosa face to face in “Chiraq.”

“Will b in Chiraq Next Week Pull Up @ChiefKeef,” he wrote.

The remaining members Quavo and Takeoff issued a statement, writing, “Sneak Diss Who?? PULL UP!! #DNTTWEET PULL UP!!”

Sosa mocked the Atlanta-based rappers, writing, “Lol ‘Pull Up’ #CallMeSosaSanta.”

Sosa’s tweets turn a bit more sinister with threats of violence. He goes on to mock a line from Migos’ song “Young Rich N-----.”

“What they say money, power, Respect? Well b---- It’s money, & power with the Tec!” he wrote.

Sosa continued his threats in the form of rhymes.

“I got Some n----- With a Bunch of Tools they Come thru Screwing s--- Like moppers do!

“Like don’t be Talkin when my choppa do Turn ya Block to Lil B b---- Wounton soup!” he wrote.

But some things are better left unsaid.

A known rule many in the Chi live by is the “No Talking” rule.

“Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh,” he wrote.

Sosa later clowns and accuses the Migos of wearing fake jewelry.

“Fake A-- Jewels On all my dead Homies Tho!” he wrote.

Migos issued a final statement saying they entertain money, not bullshit.

“Migos don’t sneak diss and don’t entertain bullshit. We entertain money #YRN2 #QC,” they wrote.

Chief Keef heard some noise coming out of the A and decided to silence it.

Social media went haywire late Thursday after Chief Keef slammed the Migos rap group for allegedly “sneak dissing.”

It is not 100 percent confirmed what was said to set Chief Keef off, but sources indicate Sosa may have found issue with the Migos’ latest track “Brokanese.”

In this single, Offset raps, “Not often it’s everyday payday, my diamonds looking like K-K (White!).

Sosa may have thought this line was a jab at his daughter Kayden “Kay Kay” Cozart.

But the whole ordeal may just be one big misunderstanding.

Offset may have been making a play on words with the acronym of Klu Klux Klan. Offset just happened to leave out the third “K.” Offset was saying his diamonds were white like the Klu Klux Klan.

Chief Keef, who happens to be very overprotective of his daughter, proceeded to blast the “Hanna Montana” rappers.

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