Chief Keef Reveals Unreleased Music From 2013, Previews ‘Go Get Me Some Swishers’

Chief Keef revealed he has music dating back to 2013. Sosa wrote on Twitter, “Just got all the music all the way from 2013.”

#ChiefKeef finds unreleased music from 2013 🔥👀 #oldsosa

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Sosa wasn’t lying. He took to social media to preview a record that sounds like “Old Sosa.” The record is titled, “Go Get Me Swishers.”

Sosa has long been conflicted with bring back “Old Sosa.”

When prepping “The Cozart,” Sosa wrote, “Bringing that 2001-2012 s**t back!!!!!! And some new school!!!!”

It’s just this announcement may be confusing to some fans as Keef told fans on song “Win” from “Sorry 4 The Weight” that “Old Sosa” is no more.

“Everybody want that Old Sosa. It’s not gon happen,” he said. “Chief Sosa, I’m about motherf-cking 6,000 years old. …I used to be saying was 3,000 all the time. I’m 6,000 motherf-ckers. I’m old. I’m grown boy. I been saying I was grown. I’m a real grown boy this time… I done glo’d up. It won’t be none of that old sh-t. You talking about sh-t when I was 16 years old. I’m 6,000.”

Sosa also re-emphasized his point on IG.

“I’m 6000 I ain’t 17 nomo No such thing old Sosa!” the caption on his post read.

But this isn’t Sosa’s firt time saying he would be bring back his former self. The O’Block native told fans in late October 2014 he was going to give them “Old Sosa.”

“New Sosa. Jus older and Richer. Oh and my Voice deeper!

“Finna get on some old Sosa sh-t and Drop a Second verse of a Chop Beat!” he wrote on Twitter.

Chief Keef entertained the idea of returning to his old self in song “Self,” rapping, “They want that old Sosa/For what doe/That’s a crazy low down dirty cut throat.”

Sosa told fans in November 2013 via IG they could expect “Old Sosa” in his upcoming “Bang 3” album.

“Bang 3 Rawest s--- Ever Thy want That old Sosa,” the caption on his post read.

Chop then announced Sosa would bring old Sosa back on “Mansion Musick.”

Chop posted the tracklist to Sosa’s forthcoming mixtape Mansion Musick onto his IG account with a caption, reading, “They say they want that old Sosa OK @chieffkeeffsossa #ChopSquadRecords.”

Chief Keef’s “The Cozart” will be available at retail stores Best Buy and Target.

Sosa made this announcement after showcasing his new cover art for the project.

“Working……. All the Best buys near u. All the targets near u!!!!!!!!

“Soon Best buys near u!!!!!!” the captions on his post read.

Sosa’s project will feature guest appearances from Jeremih and Lil Wayne.

Sosa was in the studio with Yung Berg when he streamed the record featuring the two artists.

Sosa took to social media to express his excitement about the record.

He wrote, “I swear I done listened to this @Jeremih ft @LilTunechi & @ChiefKeef Song alllllll day long!”

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