Chief Keef Wants Jessica Alba

No other rapper has probably had more crushes on female celebs than Chief Keef. Sosa took to Twitter to reveal yet another crush. The lucky lady is none other than Jessica Alba.

Sosa wrote, “Jessica Alba I’m ready to stop being a Thot.”

Sosa has previously had crushes on Rita Ora, Selena Gomez and Lady Gaga.

Sosa posted a photo of the “Crazy Girl” singer onto his IG account.

“Jus found out about a beautiful lady today! @ritaora,” the caption on his post read.

This came after Miss Ora tagged the “Sorry 4 The Weight” rapper on IG in two posts while using his popular “Bang Bang” phrase.

Selena Gomez flirted with Sosa on IG.

Gomez, the ex-girlfriend of Justin Bieber, posted a photograph of herself with the O’Block bad boy onto her IG account.

“I think I love Sosa,” she wrote on the caption of the photo before removing it from her account.

Sosa would later react to Gomez’s post through social media.

“Some one sent me this But Selena u know I love u too!!!! …But why u delete it don’t be scared,” he wrote.

“Baby yo name ain’t Gomez no more it’s Glomez!” he added.

Sosa was deeply infatuated with Lady Gaga.

Chief Keef and Lady Gaga had social media buzzing after the two engaged in a continuous exchange of flirtatious messages with each other.

Sosa called Lady Gaga “beautiful” in his latest profession of admiration for the “ARTPOP” singer.

“I have A Crush On Dis Girl She’s White And Beautiful As F— Somewhere Around Where I’m Now,” he wrote.

Sosa isn’t the lone party professing his admiration in this online romance. Gaga was very smitten by the O’Block thug.

She laid out her feelings for Sosa in a rhyme.

“@ChiefKeef this b*th she loves SOSA, got me through some hard times, hidin’ in Chicago, when I get f*cked over. BANG BANG,” she wrote.

Lady Gaga first expressed interest in Sosa during the American Music Awards on the red carpet.

“I’ve been listening to a lot of Chief Keef, so I’m kinda into Chicago music,” she told E! Entertainment.

Sosa revealed he fell in love with Gaga the very moment he laid eyes on her on the red carpet.

“I love Lady Gaga For Sayin She Listens to a lot of me and What’s so crazy I was jus Watchin Dis redcarpet s— Like damn dis Girl fine,” he wrote on Twitter.

“Love You Lady Gaga,” he added on IG.

Chief Keef’s love for Lady Gaga is real. So real in fact that Sosa dedicated a song bearing the “Applause” singer’s stage name.

“@ladygaga I Named A song after u Lastnight,” he posted in an IG photo captioned, “Sending shot For Gaga b—-.”

Lady Gaga learned of Sosa’s song and called it the “BEST THANSKGIVING EVER,” even referring Chief Keef as “hot.”

“ChiefKeef THIS IS THE BEST THANKSGIVING EVER you look hot in that instagram,” she wrote.

Chief Keef and Lady Gaga are likely to record new music soon.

Sosa asked followers suggestions on producers he should link up with, writing, “What Producers I’m Sleeping On? Lemme Know Somethin.”

Gaga said DJ White Shadow, her number one and trusted producer, is the go to man. He ironically is based in the Chi.

Gaga said she would be onboard to do the hooks.

“@ChiefKeef @djws and my hooks ALL NIGHT,” he wrote.

Sosa occasionally name-drops Lady Gaga in music, notably songs “Hoez N Oz” and an unreleased track slated to appear on “Bang 3” mixtape.

In “Hoez N Oz,” Keef raps, “I got all this money on me, I know all these b—— see me/Getting top by a wanna be Lady Gaga, but she got an a– like Nicki.”

Sosa’s latest leak has him rapping, “I’m smoking dope feeling like (fagua?)/I got a hundred in my chopper/When ni—s talking, shoot em down blah blah/Sosa on that crazy sh-, Lady Gaga.”

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