Chief Keef Wants To Be Like Lil Wayne

Most 80s babies wanted to be like Mike during their adolescent and teenage years. Chief Keef, a 90s baby, wanted to be like Lil Wayne.

Both Weezy and Sosa have a lot in common as they both reached stardom in the Hip Hop sphere during their teenage years. Chief Keef hopes to match the Young Money Cash Money boss’ success.

Sosa gave fans a bit of his thoughts on his favorite rapper in a series of Twitter posts.

“Wen I was little I always said my whole life, Ima be like lil Wayne And get famous and rich and have 6kidz

“Wayne all over in a Different form and Fashion

“I miss da Old Wayne 2 dey want dat old me I want old Wayne 2010 and back

“But he knows how to get richer Can’t stop his Grind I respect it Flex on em!

“Jus Don’t Got Words like him im jus A Gang Bangin a-- boy dats rich and gonna Get richer #KissMyAssIfYouHatin Glo gang That is

This isn’t the first time Sosa discussed his thoughts on Wayne.

Upon his Oct. 23 release from jail, Sosa streamed Weezy’s classic mixtape “Dedication 2.” The DJ Drama hosted project is arguably Wayne’s best mixtape.

“I used to love Wayne #RidinNp,” Chief Keef wrote.

Even more telling about Keef’s IG post was the track he was listening to.

Keef was listening to Lil Wayne’s “I’m The Best Rapper Alive.”

Lil Wayne spoke on his competitive nature in this track:

“The first time I realized I was the best rapper alive/You know what I mean, now before I go into any further in this conversation/Let me let y’all know what I mean about this best rapper alive s---/I don’t think I’m better than anybody personally/I don’t think I’m better than anybody spiritually/Nahhmean, I don’t think I’m better than anybody in any way or form or fashion/But as far as this rap thing, I think I am better than everybody/I’m a competitor, I hope everybody else feels the same way about their craft/You know what I mean, if you do it makes it better for the people/It makes it better for the listeners dawg/And that’s how I feel about mine so, if you’re listening and you wanna hear somebody that’s dedicated to what they do/I’m so dedicated that I feel I’m the best.”

Chief Keef has similar ambitions to be the best rapper alive. But all artists are prone to be loved today and hated tomorrow. Chief Keef is hoping his talent will stand the test of time.

Chief Keef is currently prepping his much-anticipated “Bang 3” mixtape. Sosa will gift fans with the DJ Holiday-hosted project this Dec. 25.

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