Chief Keef’s Homies Robbed Him After He Took Care Of Them, 600Breezy Reveals

600Breezy is forging his own lane with his 600Cartel movement. Fans accused the “Do Sum” rapper of switching up like Chief Keef.

Breezo denied the allegations.

“Y’all talking Breezo switched up just like Chief,” he said. “Get yo dumb a-- out of here.”

Breezo went to on to reveal Sosa’s former friends turned on him.

“Do you know what the n****s did to Chief Keef? But he ain’t really switch up. N****s did him dirty,” Breezo explained. “He took care of n****s, n****s hit his crib and took everything from him. So I respect Chief Keef. That n***s was still in the hood, still around, giving money, clothes, and n****s still spit in his face.”

We presume Breezo is referring to BossTop who is currently jailed on a burglary charge (not related to Sosa).

Chief Keef also referred to Top as his son after accusing his former friend of stealing his daughter Kay Kay’s apparel in addition to his jewelry and clothes.

“I already know how y’all play Duhhhhhhhhhh. Dumb asses I know y’all!

“I ain’t nothing like dese n-ggas But we look alike. Way higher form & fashion & I’m loyal I was Givin lil dirty folks nem clothes!

“And money I’m talking. 100’z 100’z 100’z get them one up out here!

“Folkz they stole Kaykay clothes out her Room. Detergent, deodorant and all On Bloods! They Stretched that sh-t aiight!

“Monclers, earrings, robins, Trues, Gucci bags, Pelles, Louis Vuitton coats, I can go on and on! But when I found out I bought it again.$$$$$,” he wrote.

Top raised eyebrows after proclaiming himself “Chief Of Da O” and changing his name to “Chief BossTop.”

“Chief Top Im Boss Top Nomo N-ggas Got Chief Took Frn Em #ChiefTop,” he wrote.

Top’s antics then drew a response from Sosa himself.

“My Ex Adopted Son Top Need To Stop Talkin To His Pops Like That!

“I clothed u B put money in ur lint ball pockets!

“I tried to Glo u up See it worked u don’t look dirty nomo!” he wrote.

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