Comedian D.L. Hughley Witnessed Sexual Assault as an Adolescent

DL Hughley

Renowned comedian D.L. Hughley revealed a startling incident from his past in a blog post submitted to the Huffington Post.

Hughley doesn’t agree with congressman Todd Akin’s views on abortion. Akin, a pro-life advocate, made a controversial statement saying women who are victims of a so-called “legitimate rape” rarely get pregnant. Akin has since apologized for his remarking saying he “misspoke.”

Hughley wrote in his piece that he has no problem with someone who is “sincerely pro-life” citing his wife’s religious upbringing and the Christian Church’s care for an expecting mother. But the Los Angeles native does have a problem with someone who is “insincerely pro-life.”

Hughley recalled a sexual assault he witnessed as an adolescent. Hughley visited a school on a summer day and saw a friend from his neighborhood.

The high school-aged young man, he said, told him he and his friend were “running a train on this girl.” Hughley was led inside the school to where the girl was.

“Oh, man! We doin’ it!,” Hughley remembered his friend saying.

“Like I said, I had never had sex before. Yet, I still knew what it looked like when someone was upset and this girl was not happy,” Hughley wrote. “Whatever was going on, she didn’t dig it. The two dudes were acting like it’s just a thing, and were about to go at her.”

Hughley spoke up to prevent a potential rape from occurring.

The girl, he said, did not look happy.

“This is not cool,” he told his friends. “She’s not with this.”

“F**k that, man,” his friend responded. “She knows she’s with it.”

Hughley wrote there was no need to argue or explain himself.

His friends, he said, were mad, but there were also “ashamed on some level.”

“They knew what they were doing wasn’t right, and that stopped them from doing anything to me,” he wrote.

Hughley gave the young woman her pants and top and walked her out of the school after she finished dressing.

“I will never forget the way that girl looked,” he wrote. “I will never forget the way that girl smelled. I will never forget the way she walked–and I will never be OK with any of these memories. Every time I think about it, which is as infrequently as possible, I get upset.”

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