DC Goon Pablo Reveals Threats On Life For Stealing Quavo of Migos’ Chains

Pablo of D.C.’s Blow Cheese Leg Team is making shocking allegations against superstar rap group Migos.

Pablo, the alleged culprit behind Quavo’s chain jacking, revealed via social media there are perpetrators that want his life.

Quavo released footage in his newly released song “Tha Truth” that shows a visibly shaken Pablo discussing alleged hits out on him.

“This my proposition to you. When you came up that motherf-cking studio, that was one time I almost got killed,” he said. “It’s five other times I almost got killed.”

Pablo again revealed this information via IG.

“I almost died six times this week because they got people from here to rob me!” he wrote.

Pablo wasn’t pleased with the leaked footage and fired a series of disses at the Migos:

Pablo went on to reveal a DM convo with a Migo affiliate who wanted to pay $20K for the chain. But Pablo wouldn’t oblige the Migos’ requests.

Migo Domingo then posted a screenshot of Pablo’s that reveals he wanted to return the chain after alleging unnamed parties were after him.

Pablo and fellow Leg Team members Donno and Splee sat down with Real Talk Hip Hop to give their take on the violent incident that took place between their camp and Migos at Club Stadium in Washington D.C.

Pablo let it be known that his team did indeed take Quavo of Migos’ chain.

“This don’t look fu, right here,” he said as showed off the jewelry dangling off of his neck. “I mean I got the link fixed. I got it cleaned up. She back dirty. I gotta take her back to the shop. Get her back right.”

Donno Wildass, who engaged in a back and forth with Migos following the robbery incident, confirmed a second chain was taken during the scuffle.

Willie Bands, an affiliate of the Migos, alleged Leg Team members filed a restraining against him.

Pablo, Donno and Splee vehemently deny this claim.

“There’s this little guy I was fighting when sh-t went down,” Donno recounted. “I was arguing with him. Little p*ssy a-- n-gga. Then he talking about we put a restraining order on him. How the f-ck we put a restraining order on you when you ain’t even show the paperwork… I ain’t take the initiative to go talk go even talk to the f-cking police. There’s not even no county.”

“It’s a district. You get locked up, you up in Feds,” Pablo added.

Pablo later stated real men don’t get their chain stolen.

“You gotta be a man, though,” he said. “You don’t let nobody take your chain. A grown man will not let a n-gga take his chain.”

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