DCYoungFly Talks Being Stabbed

DCYoungFly says he was heavily involved in the streets before venturing into comedy. DC’s time in the streets led to a fight and stabbing incident that could’ve cost him his life. The Wild N Out comedian opened up on his injury during an interview with Hot 107.9.

“A lot of people be thinking a n-gga fell down the steps. Man, ain’t nobody fell down the steps. I was doing stuff before I did comedy. Stripes just told em where all the head gashes and wounds on my hand came from,” he explained. “Everybody around me got stripes. I almost saw my brother die right in front of my face. My other brother got stabbed up seven, nine times. …We still here today to tell it to you. This is for real. …I done escaped the prison so many times. For me to know that, that means I’m doing something good. That means I got to stop whatever I’m doing. The stuff I used to worry about, I don’t even worry about no more cause I’m doing comedy.”


In November, DC provided fans a photo of his fresh wound the day of his accident via IG.

“(Old Pic)..Me and my brothers kuda died n dese go head say dis and dat…its a reason y on giv a f--…its a reason y i go so hard..its a reason y ima make sure my fam str8 cause i may not b hea tomorro…n----- hate on me cause dey GAME PLAN NOT WORKIN…jus kno dis only da beginning b----…uon kno me or wat i ben thru #fawwwkumean…i came to a point n my life wea i jus LAUGH AT MY PAIN #dc4l,” the caption on the post read.

On Twitter, he wrote, “Wen i got stabbed and open my eyes i only saw a few people wen i was n dat hospital bed…..ima make sure yal str8 for life.”

“Last time i got the fightin i got stabbed 4 times had to b rushed to da hospital….i left da streets da a reason.”

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