Desiigner’s Felony Gun Charge Dropped, Released From Jail

Desiigner is almost out that jam. The “Timmy Turner” rapper, born Sidney Selby, was released without bail Saturday after being arraigned in Manhattan Criminal Court on three misdemeanor counts of menacing and drug possession, according to The New York Daily News.

The rapper’s felony gun charges were dropped. His attorney, Adam Konta, said police never found a weapon.

“There’s nothing here,” Konta said. “There’s nothing recovered. There really is nothing here.

The police, however, did find drugs, including, OxyContin and anabolic steroids.

The pills allegedly belong to 42-year-old driver Scott Siegel who was hit with felony drug charges. He was also charged with forgery for carrying two falsified active-duty firefighter plaques with him. His bail was set at $5,000.

The charges were the result of an alleged road rage incident Thursday where Desiigner was accused of threatening a woman with a gun during an argument.

#Desiigner Arrested On Felony Gun and Drug Charges In New York City. Click link in bio for story | Credit: @tmz

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Desiigner, 19, was especially happy to be vindicated of his gun charge as he stunted near a luxury BMW outside of the courthouse.

“N****s say I need to sell pills? We don’t gotta do that s**t no more,” he said. “…I’m back in the city. Y’all know what time it is.”

Desiigner’s entourage of three friends, including Michael Davis, 19, Utrill Rhaburn, 23 and CJ McCoy, 21, were each charged with one count of misdemeanor possession of a controlled substance.

Attorney Ian Niles, who represents the three young men, blasted the accusations against his clients.

“It’s dangerous to say that just because there were four black men in a car they had guns and drugs,” Niles said.

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